PL (some is famous companies of pair of the package outside day software)
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Working district:
Number of invite applications for a job:
Unit of invite applications for a job: Some is famous pair of bags outside day software company
Position description:
1, age interval: 25---40 years old
2, sexual distinction: Do not be restricted
3, educational setting: Above of computer major undergraduate course
4, experience: 1 year above develops experience to day software,
5, groom: Have plan of law of national labor law groom experience or our company set groom experience
6, individual character: Deal with concrete matters relating to work, respect course of study, affinity strong, communication strength is good
7, knowledge and skill: Japanese 3 class
/ one of the following language familiar control. (C, c# , VB, VB.NET, JAVA, COBOL, RPG, other)
/ the government that has held the position of project of 5 people above works
/ auxiliary project manager undertakes entire plans to make reach carry out
/ can to software tool undertake assessment and carry out
/ the administrative ability that has in-house resource (include a person, money, the budget of content)
/ the project problem that can solve a client
/ the knowledge of the business field that has 1 kind of above and experience
/ can undertake grooming coaching to following
/ system of familiar software project
/ can make it SAMPLE demonstrates to the client
/ the culture education that has pair of day development

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