Sale chief inspector (deputy always)
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Working district: Abide by justice
Number of invite applications for a job: 1
Unit of invite applications for a job: Abide by justice is such-and-such well-known company
Position description:
Duty: The sale that is in charge of company product in the round works, the construction of responsible sale orgnaization and battalion carry manage, the organization finishs company product to sell a plan, draft the each regulations system in selling the work, ensure the product sells payment for goods to reclaim safe.
Hold a post requirement:
1, record of formal schooling of above of undergraduate course of market sale major; 2, admirable professional accomplishment, humanness behavior is decent, be as good as one's word, good communication coordinates ability and leadership; 3, chief inspector of 2 years of sale (or quite position) hold a post experience, flesh of 4 years of above kind sell (or fast consumable) administrative work experience, outstanding achievement is outstanding; 4, often can be away on official business; 4, married man, household Chongqing, Guizhou is preferential employ;
Position pay:
Yearly salary (before duty) 150 thousand yuan of RMBs, have 4 a place difficult of access one gold, provide room, render service to repay kindness by the regulation communication charge, submit an expense account charge bussiness trip.
Intended person send mail to come please: made clear in the incoming letter please apply for post and individual connection means, so that we are seasonable,contact with you)