December 11 Jobs Shanghai will hold a high-tech industry
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It is reported that Shanghai high-tech talent recruitment industry (semiconductor, optoelectronics, microelectronics industry, job fairs) will be December 11, 2010 held in Civic Center in Pudong. The recruitment of personnel by the Shanghai Grand Platform Services Limited, SEMI, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association. The recruitment is expected to attract 40 companies will participate in the recruitment, on-site professional candidates will be more than thousands of people. At present, China has been formed as a leader in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Bohai region as the two wings, the western region for the tail of the industrial layout. Industry's rapid development has also brought a huge demand for professionals in the gap, especially when accompanied with the skills and capabilities of composite applications is a lack of talent. It is reported that the semiconductor industry, job fairs, have been held for five years. With the flat panel display, photovoltaic solar, LED and other industries, the surge in demand for talent, this high-tech talent recruitment of Shanghai industrial development requirements in accordance with a corresponding expansion of the recruitment range, covering the semiconductor, flat panel displays, optical volt solar, LED and other fields.