Resume is used opportunely " compensatory specification " , raise to apply for a
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"Compensatory specification " it is the end part in resume of to apply for a job normally, can fill in, also can wear for nothing. Nevertheless, if can be good at using it, to apply for a job will rise greatly into power. After all, regard to apply for a job as the final part of resume, it is the last chance that behaves ego.

Be in " compensatory specification " in the optimal information that fill in because of the person different, this depends on to apply for a job person professional target and setting. Remember please, resume of to apply for a job is the method of ego sale, among them information ought to conduce to promote oneself to unit of choose and employ persons, in order to achieve oneself professional goal. Can consider an issue so: If this is,promote oneself to unit of potential choose and employ persons most meeting opportunity, what can you say?

It is below a few fill in " compensatory specification " train of thought, consult for everybody:

Ability or outstanding achievement are summed up

In compensatory specification the ability to oneself and professional career undertake summing up. Oneself should be highlighted in ability or outstanding achievement summary main " sell a site " with successful case -- the position that all these ought to want to apply for with you is relative.

Circumstance of bear the palm

Regard to apply for a job as the end of resume with the situation of bear the palm that lists his, can leave deep impression to unit of choose and employ persons.

Certificate or recommendation

Whether had you received the recommendation that expresses satisfaction to your working circumstance or outstanding achievement to evaluate a proof? If have, can pick choose among them essence to collect a part to regard as " compensatory specification " .

  Publish work

If work has been published on the press, magazine, can consider to be in " compensatory specification " in enumerate comes out.


If own patent (the) that includes to applying for, be in please " compensatory specification " in listed.

  Speech ability

A lot of position should have speech capacity ability to be competent. Speech of the speech that lists oneself to had attended, theme can leave good impression to unit of choose and employ persons.
   The computer uses mastery of a skill or technique

In " compensatory specification " in list oneself to be in the skill of the respect such as computer operating system, network and hardware, the more the better.
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