Invite applications for a job is met on new discovery resume is big " thin body
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Can go up in invite applications for a job discovery, the resume of 99% makes be worthy of the name " brief " all previous: The resume that paper of 9 pages A4 prints, do not have even wrappage even, a few can be installed in bag of a file. And a few years ago, the reporter sees on assembly room of a few invite applications for a job, major to apply for a job person all be a large bag, inside crowded a certain number of portions pack the resume with excellent, rich content, still have those who add individual art to illuminate even.

Wang Xiaojing tells the college graduate that stepped a society 2006 the reporter, graduate that year, resume still belongs to massiness mostly elegant model, begin from last year, resume " thin body " make a kind of trend, to this year already was complete " reduce weight " . He takes out himself to only the resume of one page tells a reporter, the flower is less than 10 yuan in the money on resume this year.