If why search position and deliver resume on the net?
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To apply for a job person before deliver resume, must lock up the way of to apply for a job that decides oneself first.

The position that resume of some people hair likes to fasten same company from manager class arrives the position of clerk level a many ground " choose complete hair completely " . But, if if the requirement such as attestation of experience of record of formal schooling, work, age, title, qualification, sexual distinction is only,reaching two to accord with, probable the first round was brushed by the human affairs manager that has retrieval according to conditional setting come down; And, such doing can be thought ambiguous oneself fixed position, lack purpose of clear to apply for a job, do not have professional quality.

After the direction of to apply for a job that determined oneself, can begin deliver resume through professional website. The sincerity of company invite applications for a job should be judged when deliver, some companies are more than use means of a kind of invite applications for a job, have invite applications for a job at the same time in market of website, newspaper, talent, general the scale of this kind of invite applications for a job is large, more authentic. Resume is sent on the net while, the mailbox that also can pass oneself sends resume, or mail with traditional pattern the resume that gives oneself, also might as well again with phone form follow-up.

In addition, regular meeting of some companies classics uses company in-house natural resources to undertake interior recommend, and value level the meeting is a few taller, accordingly, to apply for a job person the human resource that is good at using oneself even, the relatives and friends related active connection gives help.