Send resume avoid by all means " one hungry is not choosy about his food "
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When remembering graduating, can go up in greatly little invite applications for a job only the resume of pitching amounts to more than 40, website of registered to apply for a job also has more than 10, but what get interview chance truly is insufficient still 10, great majority disappear forever. Look now, occurrence investment and producing a difference to cross big main reason is intent of the lack when sending resume unidentified, blindness is too strong.

In recent years, increase of pressure increasingly as obtain employment, invite applications for a job often is the person is completely on the meeting suffer from, most graduate can place a hope only at " the sea is cast " will increase obtain employment chance. Hear the classmate beside found the job especially, at a draught confused god, without giving thought to " thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one " , what should learn professional relevant with oneself only with respect to deliver resume, what does not know this to just be in wasteful time, energy and money, the resume that because make unit of much choose and employ persons,asks to according with position looks not to look to be thrown in at the same time. In addition, once to apply for a job person can go up in invite applications for a job for many times " the sea is cast " resume and the feedback that cannot get unit of person of one family expenses, lose confidence very easily to oneself, produce the psychology with negative ego thereby, can feeling to attend a college even is a kind of wrong choice.

To to apply for a job person, want to have a clear fixed position to oneself above all, make clear him Hunan is on-the-job the advantage on field and inferior position and will develop way henceforth, look for the intention of to apply for a job that grants oneself, avoid by all means " overmeasure " oneself. Next, see well the major of unit of choose and employ persons and post requirement, contrast intent of oneself to apply for a job, resume of deliver of ground of have a definite object in view. Compare interested position to oneself, might as well look for opportunity and personnel of invite applications for a job to be communicated more, communicate, in order to deepen impression, increase interview chance. Again, the person that like the to apply for a job of resume of the deliver on the net, can be browsed more, if which company has demand of choose and employ persons, direct the resume of deliver of zone of invite applications for a job to this company website, rise thereby hit the target rate is high. In the meantime, to the information that a few inconvenience leak, wait like domestic member relation, phone, do not make public in the resume on the net as far as possible, in order to prevent individual information leak.