The individual data of English resume
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Individual data Personal

1. The name has 4 kinds to write a law: Personal, personal Information, other Information, additional Information. No matter be experience of educational setting, work, still be individual data, already can initial is great, OK also and entire alphabet is great, return small letter of OK and entire alphabet. The standard format of haing Buddha business school is entire alphabet small letter however, this is in mainstream commerce society already continue to use is old. Additional, the name can be written in the leftest, also but be placed in the middle.

2. The language has a few arrangement. Native Speaker Of points to mother tongue; Tell from rigorous angle, fluent In appears fluenter; English As Working Language appears very not fluent, but dependability is stronger; Some Knowledge Of is met a few, do not have confident to must not be written. In interview, the language is the most relaxed, once be taken an examination of, he can think you are lying, think to connect a resume to have a lot of a lot places even.

3. Computer Chinese loves to be familiar with " with " most (Familiar) , no matter Chinese still is English resume. "Familiar " is a very weak word, show your inexperience, not commonly used. If a few software, some is skilled, some is familiar, the proposal keeps software name only. Did not hold completely, a bit unfamiliar, must not write. Do not think without computer, won't take an examination of you, he also can study 9 your crucial use. Like what use really if really a lot of, might as well with "Frequent User Of" .

4. What qualificatory certificate needs to notice most is, some people will register accountant to be translated generally into CPA, but the CPA that whole world each country has him, some are each other not approbatory, must write so on the country is fastened, mention expressly a particular year of pass an entrance examination. Have a few hobby, can show the content of certain accomplishment, also can write on, if piano checks level. TOEFL, GRE and GMAT, best which do not write, because foreign capital company hopes to hire employee newly not to leave very quickly commonly, if they know you want to go abroad, do not wish to act as of course meaningless gangplank. But also have exception, be like the large advisory company of a few United States, be like McKinsey, BCG, bain, a T Kearney, booz Allen, and the investment bank of wall street. They are met in Beijing University Tsinghua this year's graduates of invite applications for a job of this kind of school makes Analyst (level is equivalent to a member of an administrative section) , after 3 years expire automatically, general metropolis goes to the United States reading MBA, if know you already took an examination of TOEFL and GMAT, during they fear you are working no longer, use off hours to go attend a lecture. Want to know, this kind of company should work on average 100 hours or so every week.

5. Hobby and specialty
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