How to let HR take your resume seriously
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"Hello! I want to apply for your XXX position, this is my resume. " invite applications for a job meets some graduate on special performance, good the resume that squeezes the graduate that come in not easily to had given his to prepare meticulously from person caboodle. "Put first be here, right word is contacted with you again. " personnel of invite applications for a job is received come over conveniently breaks up, those who be put in shape to be like hill is thick on a pile of resume.

Afore-mentioned setting, believe every graduate that has experience of to apply for a job is not unfamiliar. Be full of the resume that the hope sends out, below the eyelid that a few meetings are sent HR by successful ground, a few times to have can real play effectiveness, bring an opportunity?

Enhance the effectiveness of resume deliver, avoid to do useless work, it is the first condition that improves to apply for a job to be led successfully.

Deliver of 3 kinds of resume is useless

It is idolatrous model. Idolatrous well-known company or popular position. The well-known company such as transnational corporation always is enveloped it is under halo, it is the employer that graduate longs for day and night. A few graduate no matter whether does direction of oneself major, profession match with the demand of invite applications for a job of renown look forward to, with respect to blind deliver resume. Actually, resemble IBM, Microsoft such enterprise, by the favorite of employ often be 10 thousand lis are carried one, disregarding oneself condition to apply for is infructuous at all.

2 it is to overflow aimless model. Target of to apply for a job is ambiguous, cast resume to be like day of female loose cotton. A few graduate do not have specific professional target, holding in the arms " have a try " state of mind, the position of relevant of every and individual major, interest wants to go try one's luck.

3 it is muddleheaded model. The specific duty of the circumstance of not clear company or position, requirement is applied for with respect to rapid move. Graduate lacks experience normally, wait to company station setting those who know is not much, apply for often scanty read position specification at grinding, empty-handed and the possibility nature that return is bigger.

How to avoid invalid deliver

Deliver resume is the first link that apply for normally, the first time that is individual and working opportunity " intimate contact " . In invite applications for a job meeting, network, planar media in channel of these 3 kinds of to apply for a job, how does deliver resume hit the target is rate top?

● invite applications for a job is met

Communicate with personnel of invite applications for a job, get more information

The dominant position with the can largest invite applications for a job is can communicate face-to-face with personnel of invite applications for a job, can know the news of enterprise and post further through onefold position specification. Weakness is apparent also nevertheless, the position that invite applications for a job meets is faced mostly have experience public figure, graduate wants from thousands of, even 10 thousand plan search in post information piece appropriate oneself, not be an easy thing. Graduate is met in invite applications for a job on when deliver resume, can notice the following two:
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