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PLA "drill" teaching achievements applied talent
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"Drill" teaching achievements applied talent - Graduate School of Xi'an Political comprehensive exercise write rapidly Late autumn, the Qinling Mountains, code-named "Qinling surprise -2010" The field training exercises under the conditions of the political echelon to start work. As a participating troops - Xi'an Political Institute 2009 140 doctoral, graduate, cross ravines, over hills and sentenced the enemy, making decisions. "Drill" teaching hospital has become the Western political normalization of teaching. Dean Qisan Ping said: "This is to train personnel to be applied further to go." Little action to show the background "What battle is a mere hundred people can play?" Participated in the training before, and many graduate students whispered heart, but after understanding the exercise program, there are very small operations, "the door channel." Under the condition of the exercise of information Joint tactical combat missions Souchao background, the college at a higher level of joint operations under the command of command structure, command structure was established on the existing strength, the participating students as a subordinate unit of a battle group combat operations. Meanwhile, the staff compiled, and each graduate was given a "double" role, both as combat units of the Army, but also incorporated into the parallel political institutions group. Activity in the exercise tactical action, sentiment and political work of the military mission requirements, static analysis of political work in situation, discuss the Political Strategy to guide the work unit to carry out political activities. Director, the leading student information in order to enhance the information the concept of winning, with a certain type of satellite navigation system receiver for communications and liaison, the use of digital microwave transmission system, will screen in front of the exercise command center in real time to return back to achieve the battlefield transparent. Sub-theory exercise counseling, online simulation training exercise three steps, designed not only to strengthen the graduate's military capability and capacity to carry out political work in wartime, but also in guiding graduate students from the global operations and strategic thinking, planning work, development thinking vision. Contains the major strategy of small courses Enemy use of chemical and biological weapons, resulting in a small number of officers and men of our discomfort, thereby causing psychological panic. Detachment reported on the organization of the political department of the ideological education of instructions. Directed-dispatch center: political institutions set of units issued pursuant to the job instructions. Exercise set this situation, the purpose is to test different psychological problems and the graduate students thought problems, directing unit's ability to carry out psychological counseling. Exercises based on the newly revised "Regulations on Political Work" in the organization and leadership on the grassroots political organizations to carry out political work during the war, focusing on graduate students to the practical ability of Theory of Transformation, interspersed set up more than 40 political work, group work and to present to observe model combination, exercise the battlefield propaganda, wartime mass work, the battlefield information control, psychological counseling, press conferences, and courses such as war assessment summary. Although some students in the exercise of a "spectacle", but their own and really see the gaps and shortcomings. Graduate Ni Baocheng with a small book, troops rest, he took out from the bag, do records, filled to the exercise of the thoughts and feelings. Exposure to the battlefield to see the gap, make a short return to the classroom board, including many theoretical test scores of students also have a sense of crisis. Temper the hard style of a small march Exercise the next day, God seems intent on testing these students, the wind and rain. Implementation plan in accordance with the exercise, there is a mountain to be on foot. Exercise commander, Vice-President Joe Army, said: "I walk in front, you follow me, go!" Because the larger rain, all the shoes went into the rain, walking, upper keep out "spit" foam. But the troops morale all the way, no one left behind. Exercise, fast converter for combat missions, long duration, difficult field conditions, physical exertion, the actual fighting units formed spontaneously advocacy group, arranges cultural backbone of the timely conduct Allegro, Hulusi playing, songs and other forms of tension and encouraging for the troops mention gas, received very good results. In order to hunt down "Candi", the armed forces after a raid, has been very tired. At this time, advocacy groups and other members of Wu Gang, playing crisp Allegro: "Iron will iron Han, Wei Bao Jagged homes, terrorized the enemy Shasheng lamps, victorious reputation pass ... ..." Suddenly, comrades were an emotional high, courageously rushed, made to surround and annihilate one stroke victory in the battle. Temper the exercise participants tenacious fighting style, hundreds of kilometers on foot, in addition to mountains, 80% of the students played foot blisters, but the mobilization of adequate education, advocacy and powerful fear Kulei participating graduate , continuous fighting, and always maintain high morale, and cultivate a spirit of daring to fight and win the battle. "Drill" teaching as the protagonist, conceptual teaching is diluted, applied greatly enhanced the quality of the training, participants adapted to the force after serving time was significantly shorter post. September of this year, the College in recent 3 years the representation of graduate students by letter stressed that forces 97.9% satisfaction rate.