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IT Workplace story From mechanic to white-collar life of ordinary leap
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Dai Weixiong through their tireless efforts, and finally self defeating, to achieve a leap in life, and now Shanghai, China's food industry hundred Mrs. Dole Food Co., Ltd. as a network engineer, realized from a technical working To white-collar dream of IT. Forced to drop out of school to work unsatisfactory way Entrance (Forum) that year, it was flourishing when the students study hard buried! The Dai Weixiong their father's business failures, missed opportunities for further study. In order to reduce the burden on family members, Dai Weixiong hurried farewell to school life And embarked on the road to work. Dai Weixiong the work of the road is not smooth: first job was working in his mother, a security guard for a factory fitter, the monthly wages of only 300 yuan. The Dai Weixiong diligent hard work has been recognized very quickly, but after three months Dai Weixiong not think this is the life you want, he began to find a new way out for himself. After that, Dai Weixiong done operator, welder. In the normal operation of the machine, the Dai Weixiong tends to like Sato, and soon became recognized as an excellent operator. But these are not what his life is changed, Hard day's work still tired. The family finally decided to let Dai Weixiong learn a technology, aiming for a better life. Participate in IT training, embark on a new journey After getting to know, Dai Weixiong decided to participate in IT training, want to enter the IT industry after graduation to work as their white-collar dream of IT. Classmates and friends in the recommendation, Dai Weixiong to Beida Jade Bird Training Center Xiangtan Jinbei Fan Enrolled in a network engineer training. In school, with the deepening of learning, Dai Weixiong they would understand how important it is to learn, although regret it too late to start, but failed to remedy the situation is too late. Dai Weiqiang spend ten times more than the others time to read this, keyboarding Practice. Often ask for advice to the teacher after school hours. To see him so hard, the teacher always patiently explained to him. Dai Weiqiang also bought a lot of counseling books, constantly reinforced by practice. Gradually, Dai Weiqiang them feel that learning more To the deed, and he began to see the dawn of victory. IT white-collar dream become a metropolis of Shanghai August 2008, has graduated with Daiwei Xiong and other students came to class metropolis of Shanghai. Dai Weixiong began his interview of the road. Upon receipt of Mrs. Dole Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai telephone interview, Dai Weixiong excited and nervous And joy, my heart sort of inevitable tension and fear. And so he was satisfied that the technology first test, he did a great job, the interviewer's question on the network, server maintenance and troubleshooting problems, most school Had already been learned, Dai Weixiong answer very well. The beginning of the Dai Weixiong also gradually become a little nervous with ease and confidence, soon after the interview he received a second interview notice. Over five hurdles, Dai Weixiong finally got his wish, Eventually won the OFFER. After work experience, Dai Weixiong on their own ability and technology is more confident. Now Dai Weixiong Although more work has to face every day, but the accumulation over time, Dai Weixiong feel that their ability to continuously upgrade technology, eye Sector is also more open. Each day, he can feel the real harvest. He was glad his choice: not such a good opportunity to, is created on our own! Once determined, even if the face of difficulties, but also Unswervingly continue to move forward toward their goals.