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2010 most the course of study of 5 three-year institution of higher learning tha
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Academy of Chinese thing science releases " Chinese talent reports " predict: The breach of tertiary industy talent that to 2010 our country regards a service as course of study predicts to amount to 3.25 million person, will be to enlarge the branch with obtain employment most post, show the civil aviaton that with respect to what predict obtain employment was very popular 2010 kind, enginery, material kind, essence of life calculates, nurse these a few kinds major or relevant major undertake analytic introducing:

Civil aviaton is carried kind -- dreamy sky is not distantTrade current situation

Yang Yuanyuan of director of total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton puts forward on conference of job of countrywide civil aviaton, to 2020 our country civil aviaton will achieve goal of powerful nation strategy. Develop strategic goal according to civil aviaton powerful nation, this century head 20 years, it is the important period that our country civil aviaton develops, and 2008 of Beijing Olympic Games hold, it is the crucial period that goal of strategy of powerful nation of our country civil aviaton starts. In the near future inside will more and more international passengers take China of plane pass in and out each are big the airport, aviation carries portfolio to will increase substantially.

Accompanying the swift and violent development of career of our country civil aviaton, the demand dimensions of talent of our country civil aviaton also begins synchronism to expand. At present average man-machine compares international civil aviaton is 100: 1, and average man-machine compares course of study of our country civil aviaton is 200: 1, this is meant, calculate with level of international civil aviaton only, did not come to our country 20 years to need civil aviaton at least kind 240 thousand person of talent. Statistical data shows: To 2007 the end of the year, the gross of course of an aerial liner of open up of Chinese civil aviaton is close 1400, 61% what civil aviaton serves the population amount inside area to occupy countrywide population, 82% what economic activity quantity takes the throughout the country. The aviation that Chinese civil aviaton already formed main nation of domestic extend in all directions, artery and union of branch line photograph and join world, area carries a network. So vast shipping network, expecting collect more professional skill talents.

Obtain employment distant view

Can understand civil aviaton from literal meaning kind the side key of professional education, the traffic in sky manages professional education to master the professional ABC of technology of civil aviaton air traffic control and skill, the sex of advanced technology application that can be engaged in domain of civil aviaton air traffic control working is special talent; By Wu major emphasizes particularly on perfectness domestic and international aviation service business in sky, can master place adroitly to learn professional skill; The air that higher English level, solidarity coordinates ability and ability of agile meet an emergency is multiplied, aircrew. The education of professional promoted civil aviaton kind professional stable and rapid development.
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