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Lead method of highest to apply for a job successfully
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One day, the boss of some big publication group receives a letter, this letter is a to apply for a job person those who write him, writing on the letter " the loss that asking me is you " . Then, the boss decides inquire for sees him.

And the interview result that does not say a brave and strong person of this to apply for a job how, current and he already surpassed character other the to apply for a job of hundreds follow rules person, gain a rare interview opportunity. No matter this case is true false how, but it told us to apply for a job how defeat sb by a surprise action, how to get the better of a person to prepare. We discover, same an a school, class, and each respect circumstance differs in a few not old schoolmates, can differ smoothly what find the job great, among them reason, it is to result from greatly method of different to apply for a job and strategy of to apply for a job.

The expert is in " Bible of to apply for a job " methods of 5 the most effective to apply for a job introduced in one book:

Law of originality to apply for a job -- lead successfully 86%

Its main characteristic is the specialty according to oneself and professional knowledge, inquire to the company that have fun at position is vacant before the circumstance, try to visit the decision-maker of the company. Practice makes clear, those do not put an advertisement more the company of hand of invite applications for a job, the competitor heals little, if get employer shows appreciation for sb, the other side may spend a body to make a position for you.

The controller that seeks a company directly -- lead successfully 47%

This kind of method has bigger trouble, because you find the opportunity of meeting of boss of transnational corporation, as big as those company very hard, you want work with perseverance probably on the flower a few weeks, more even time, meet to agreeing just now.

Look for friend introduction -- successful rate 34%

Common saying says " many friend many road " , can consult every friend of understanding, where is understanding having vacant. Because be a friend, especially intimate, to oneself each respect circumstance compares understanding, and Chinese special intercede face and personal loyalty, so the friend's introduction is a when find good job important way.

Look for kin introduction -- successful rate 27%

Make visit to kin all sorts of job opportunities, can enlarge the limits that apply for a job so, beforehand should give kin friend a few more detailed individual data, special skill of the working category that asks like you, individual.

Use center of guidance of alma mater obtain employment -- successful rate 21%

Accumulate as a result of what in last few years graduate commercializes experience of obtain employment work, each school graduate obtain employment are directive center and units of many big choose and employ persons built good cooperation to concern, they are vacant to obtain employment information, position master more in the round, add the graduate that is oneself, of the school " arm " eventually is gone to li of abduct.
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