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Entrant coachs: Handle 3 big questions correctly
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Walk into university school gate, new environment, new life, be in new bewilderment also is brought necessarily while the person brings new change. Liaoning saves mental health of colleges and universities to teach mental health of seminar deputy secretary-general, northeast university to teach central director Chen Yang to point out, those who evaluate a standard is ideal and real difference, unwell with human relation is the 3 big problems that entrant faces easily absently, need to be treated correctly, try avoid.

The university in student mental view often was wiped to go up a lot of romantic colour, but the ideal after entering the school and actual collision make student disappointment easily bemused, feel then university " also so return a responsibility " , final generation calculates mentation of a day one day too.

Be aimed at this kind of mentation, chen Yang suggests, the student does not complain, not self-abased, and should suit as far as possible, active ground is right, because understand only, ability can love, blend in new environment better thereby.

Be in university of a few famous brand, the student was in in the past high school is mostly " the best of its kind is strange " . After going to an university when the hope that taking numerous person and attention, may become aware oneself do not resemble is so outstanding before, lost the advantageous sense previously, contrast arises on affection, suit hard, some appears possibly still serious self-abased psychology.

"Everybody must have such state of mind -- ' I know I am stupid, but I do not care, I can catch up with! ' " Chen Yang says, the difference that goes up in study, human association to oneself and others, want to allow oneself to have a process, allow oneself for some time inside " as others " , do not abandon at the same time, try hard to catch up with; The difference of the respect waits in individual talent to oneself, be being caught up with is to perfect, cannot catch up with not affect the whole also. Want to remember, everybody is faulty, because,meet without the person your " faulty " and see you gently.

Human relation often becomes quandary in the university " singleton female undergraduate " one big main question, to this Chen Yang suggests to say, be in communal environment personally, ground of our behoove be considerate thinks his doing can affect another person. Be others consider, understanding and good-tempered ability is the best thing to do that avoids human conflict, and much communication is communicated, it is the key that dissolves contradiction.

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