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New student to apply for a job is designed " 3 paces go " plan
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Liaoning part college discovers in investigation in recent years, problem of obtain employment to apply for a job already became the issue that entrant of above of half the number pays close attention to most. To this, tian Yi of deputy director general of department of student of Dalian traffic college, obtain employment coachs office director Xie Kai is aimed at the problem of obtain employment to apply for a job of entrant, put forward following " 3 paces go " plan:

It is sufficient understanding major. A lot of students are when fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is volunteer by parent make a decision or choice a few popular major, oneself is very few however to professional understanding. Professional teacher, assistant should be passed above all after entering a college for this, learn all sorts of channel such as long, network to understand his the real case that place reads major, the advantage of as level of the demand situation that is like a society, pay, coequal as other college major and difference, in order to accomplish the know fairly well of obtain employment general orientation to oneself, both neither is blind and hopeful not pessimistic also disappointment.

2 it is program of career of the profession that start. "I do not know I am interested in what, what is the endowment that also does not know me. " afore-mentioned obtain employment experts point out, program profession career is the acknowledge to oneself above all, and student ego acknowledge blurs just is the exists generally problem in current undergraduate group. To this but inside the limits that need not manacle oneself in major first, due the potential that ground of consciousness, much angle digs him, know oneself real interest. The professional career goal during establish university can begin later, if take an examination of,grind, one's deceased father officeholder, go abroad etc, decompose this target easier implementation each is small target. If the target is he does poineering work,become a boss, answer to wait to begin step by step from survey of quality of the person that knowledge, education does poineering work related study business management, market, to target stride.

3 it is education occupation quality. Had professional cause, be about to have the capacity that matchs with target photograph, outside dividing professional knowledge, the suiting that the student must pay attention to oneself the education of the professional quality such as ability and sense of responsibility. Former include to fight setback ability, ego adjustment ability, human truck capacity to wait. The expert expresses, the chance of the university is very much, no matter be,student cadre holds the post of in class, student union, still participate in activity, outside school to hold two or more posts concurrently in mass organizations, can harvest somewhat.

Two teachers are special remind, exhibit the director's student to wanting what to learn major in oneself, answer to understand school of higher administrative levels more in after school time, include foreign college to be in this professional schoolteaching content, understand the knowledge of foremost edge in this professional domain; To considering the student that admits in other and professional domain, also should not loosen this professional study, the study with good at the same time nurturance is used to.
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