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To apply for a job of college woman student is applied opportunely " badger game
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Undergraduate to apply for a job is bad, female undergraduate to apply for a job is worse, the female undergraduate to apply for a job with not quite perfect image is more extremely difficult. To show itself in to apply for a job, just leave good impression the first times to give invite applications for a job, "Badger game " it is one of idiomatic method when female undergraduate to apply for a job.

The body that exercises a well-balanced health, send the professional clothing with fit a single person of a piece of pretty professional figure picture, buy, these old way female undergraduates often can get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, make a few local plastics hairdressing operation, keep cheerful relaxation psychosis these new way also emerge in endlessly...

Expert proposal: Beg the United States normally, enhance self-confidence

As female undergraduate, should want plastic hairdressing? Can you achieve after plastic expect the result? Is oneself expectation value exorbitant? Suffer the effect of Han type plastics, the undergraduate undertakes the amount of plastic hairdressing operation rises quickly. A survey result about hairdressing of female undergraduate plastics shows, at present female undergraduate has made the system of the 2nd swarm of plastic hairdressing main forces, occupy 34.4% , among them 60% it is to enhance competition ability of oneself to apply for a job and plastic, reason of this kind of plastics is highlighted especially in female undergraduate.

In the plastic undergraduate that accepts investigation, to oneself appearance is as high as 92.4% dissatisfactorily, then was caused angst, self-abased, be agitated, depressed, world-weary wait for psychological problem. It is actually in these undergraduates, having a lot of is " natural beauty " , they are for only more hasten is perfect and plastic. Very much female undergraduate is put to plastic beauty culture have the mentality that depends on overly, this kind of psychology unbalance after depending on psychology overly to often bring about anaplasty. Once operation short of imagines medium the sort of " beautiful Huan of United States annulus " the effect, produce self-identity very hard, produce cognitive obstacle to oneself even.

"Exorbitant to the expectation value of plastic let them very easily produce abnormal psychological deviation in plastic surgery around. " Xu Xiangming of director of division of hospital plastics hairdressing has contacted such a lot of undergraduates, he says, the placard that once many undergraduates are taking a movie star will look for her, the eye like asking to make and star, nose, chin even figure. "This is a kind of very abnormal mentation actually, plastic should be to be in what he undertakes on the foundation of original appearance, is not to ask to be rectified blindly with a certain star exactly like. is not to ask to be rectified blindly with a certain star exactly like..

Accordingly, before Director Xu suggests female undergraduate is going to a hospital doing plastic surgery, want the plastic motive to oneself, anticipation to plastic above all the knowledge that the problem such as the effect has a correct, profundity, can look for plastic expert to undertake more a few seek advice, decide the operation plan that fits oneself and effect anticipate, can beg the United States normally thereby, enhance self-confident heart, meet competition and challenge
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