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Self-confidence and smile aid your success to apply for a job
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In the market of to apply for a job that is like battlefield, the strong opponent if forest, be full of intense competition, want to find oneself position from which, develop oneself potential, realize oneself life value, it is the real problem with inevitable new personality of each duty field. In this process, a lot of new personality often cannot get used to formal development: Contradiction of bewilderment of ideal conflict, heart, choice is waited a moment, want to gain obtain employment opportunity smoothly, need to have good knowledge, quality, capacity not only, still need state of mind of active to apply for a job and the smile that are full of self-confidence.

Xiao Juan, be graduated from a Department of Chinese Language and Literature of famous normal school institute, be on working station full already two years. In see appear and disappear to Your Excellency in each of gift market to apply for a job, the to apply for a job with those hasty circumstances or style of departure person people, she can'ted help remembering her to apply for a job and job are experienced. Xiao Juan this present profession is the triplet job that she goes to Guangzhou. After-thought at that time, oneself are alone, far arrive from home town when Guangdong to apply for a job, dawn cuckoo mood cannot calm. A city that is in Guangzhou at that time sees a help wanted on the newspaper, as it happens is the advertisement that Xiao Juan is interested and is good at, design company, then Xiao Juan is adopting the attitude that have a try,

According to the connection means on help wanted, sent email of a to apply for a job to unit of choose and employ persons, get online next the website that finds unit of choose and employ persons, knew the news of unit of this choose and employ persons in detail. After a few days, xiao Juan received this advertisement to design the telephone call of manager of department of company human affairs with respect to accident ground, want her to be in attend collective interview to ad firm afternoon the following day. Ask when manager of human affairs department when Xiao Juan can be achieved when, say: "Afternoon at 3 o'clock " . The address that Xiao Juan considers to he is in to unit of choose and employ persons is not too familiar, restrict a bit later time may a bit more abundant. That day in the evening, xiao Juan is much at 9 o'clock the bell went to bed, so that can hold a kind of abundant spirit view the following day. The following day after siesta gets up 1:30 p.m. , xiao Juan has been arranged with all sorts of relevant data with respect to the resume of to apply for a job oneself, in putting knapsack by the need order that he imagines, rush next again cool, put on shipshape dress, and to microscope of mirror of dress and make up from already appearance, find oneself is pretty good still. Then, ahead of schedule a hour set out. Arrived below the office building that unit of choose and employ persons is in, xiao Juan is very polite the ground asked to be clear about to security personnel " human affairs ministry " the floor of the place, opened knapsack again then, viewed the data of to apply for a job that carries, undertook deep breathing next, stable oneself nervous mood, be full of a back self-confident and very straight, dye-in-the-wood ground is punctual the entrance door that beat unit of choose and employ persons... later, xiao Juan became a of this ad firm formal employee. The job is the following accidental opportunity, xiao Juan asks to general manager, in the so much person that enter the to apply for a job that apply for, why can general manager choose her? The answer of general manager some beyond Xiao Juan's expect, "Your smile affected me, pass a smile, the person that I can see you have a kind of other to apply for a job does not provide some self-confidence. " it is so such, the record of formal schooling of famous brand university that Xiao Juan still thinks at first is him and the absolutely capital that think right capacity is to apply for a job oneself!
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