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8 big exercitations are regular
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Specific aim chooses exercitation station

The exercitation is to be obtain employment found, especially the obtain employment of high grade student jackarooes, more it is a purpose with obtain employment. Accordingly, station of exercitation of choice of specific aim ground is very main.

Development of profession of Fudan University student teachs Xu Mei of service center director to express, when the student is choosing station, answer to choose the station that the post related to oneself major and oneself have fun at as far as possible, such ability most the professional knowledge of contain of body of earth play out, become a full member for oneself add weight.

Will ask with a formal employee oneself

With aid college graduate obtain employment coachs central director Xu Xun emphasizes particularly, the student should regard the exercitation as the first oneself job, should regard oneself as a of the enterprise formal stuff will ask, think how oneself bring better reputation and benefit for the enterprise, going up at a few detail even, wear for instance outfit, hit card to wait, want to come according to the regulations system of the enterprise. Card of Er of A of Shanghai shellfish Er is special Fan Xing of chief inspector of manpower endowment source control also speaks of this problem, he says, the trainee should regard him as the new employee of the enterprise, the standard of the requirement that uses a company and professional person asks strictly oneself.

Have strong sense of responsibility

Associate Jin Chang of Cao of inspector general of administration of headquarters of area of group Hua Dong emphasized responsibility heart particularly, since be in an enterprise to carry the exercitation of anyone post, be about to assume a responsibility with this due post.

Xu Mei expresses, the trainee wants responsible move, want to be in charge of after all to responsible thing, right really inconvenient job explains to the director directly, anything but can vague promise however cannot on time finishing.

Model star respecting, only hardheaded, the trainee of rich sense of responsibility just can cause the attention of company, branch.

Trouble-free the ground is communicated

Inside the company, of a project finish, common even business, also need and other work in the same place or the branch undertakes cooperative, so good communication consciousness is mixed communication ability is crucial. Cao Jinchang tells a reporter, a few trainees should teach them the tone that pick up the telephone even, receive the courtesy when the person needs thing.

Fan Xing thinks, good communication consciousness can make with communication ability the trainee gets used to working environment quickly, and can let the experience that the trainee learned to succeed over there generation once upon a time. Communicate be many sided, while with the colleague communication is communicated, also want to undertake communicating communication with the director, can understand the show that oneself attend in the job better from this, realise oneself inadequacy and defect, so that be corrected in time. The communication with the director also can make a director impressive to yours, can gain the director's favour more.
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