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Two crucial factors of competition ability of core of to apply for a job
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On intense duty field, of competition ability losing by force is the most powerful weapon in the hand undoubtedly, is so what kind of competition ability just core competition ability? What kind of competition ability ability to have to hit hire a success?

To apply for a job has a lot of factors, among them two keys dot must be made clear.

Crucial point one: Do bit, cannot do nail

Case 1: After the wife of Andrew works to Beijing, andrew also needs to leave the bank that worked near 10 years, come from the other place Beijing and wife build new home in all. Then he is found grand power, the hope helps him find the job of financial side, still had better be in familiar bank. Because the condition is advantageous, competition ability is strong, after resume is hit, immediately head portrait of a few hunt catchs the prey of sweet beauty, sniff wind and go up. Take 5 yearly salary unexpectedly one day the position of 200 thousand above, very fast pitch on a well-known bank position, everybody everyone is happy.

This thing changed the pursuit of my lifetime and belief, the innocence that ever thought of to wake up social conscience to prove his in order to die for a time...


What need on duty field is bearing, wisdom, ability and ability. This is to apply for a job person the basic ability quality that whether has working place to need and professional accomplishment. Be like: Faithfulness is spent, initiative of experience of level of intellectual face, professional skill, intelligence, work, job, human relation, the education of ability is to mix absorb new knowledge, new experience ceaselessly truly inseparable, enrich oneself ceaselessly only, make a handsome appearance.

Measure a position to basically have 3 core essential factor, namely: Professional skill (Professional Skill) , working success and outstanding achievement (Achievements) , working experience (Working Experience) , this is an enterprise to achieve its strategy goal, score a success, and the integrated requirement of the professional accomplishment that has to applicant place, ability and knowledge.

Talent: It is namely in some domain the character with skill, outstanding talent, this is the person that have the to apply for a job of the advantage, have very strong competition ability.

Compound sex talent: Except have the technical ability beyond this major besides, still have other technical ability, if professional computer, professional foreign language, major management is waited a moment. Compound sex talented person needs most on duty field, these people are in to apply for a job when, the skill that goes up personally is to a certain position, study very deep, as having a bit, had the position that admire in the heart, to position an electric machinery, broach can open the entrance door of position, resemble key of a gold. And, a lot of moment use to apply for a job far from, however " duty is begged " , it is position is in beg him, hunt head people digging him, become popular sweet pastry.
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