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Graduate obtain employment: The exercitation is optimal essentials
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Exercitation, it is the first pace of one individual profession career. Face grim obtain employment situation, many college this year's graduateses must come true through the exercitation " curvilinear obtain employment " .

Essentials hits out more than 1 times, seek exercitation opportunity

C, it is center of guidance of school obtain employment next. Still have even if through kissing friend

Essentials 2 exercitations a week, leave good impression

As the trainee, exercitation a week wants to leave next good impression to leader and colleague, should behave conscientiously as far as possible, condescending. Because this wants punctual go to work, best can arrive early quarter. Be in a company, should learn to be in the company name leader, colleague, client, remember be in a branch as soon as possible the name of everybody. In addition, use a method basically what master copycat, printer, electrograph as soon as possible even, had made the preparation that serves for everybody.

3 appropriate answer essentials exercitation difficult problem

Field of duty of the experience at the beginning of the trainee, hard to avoid can encounter various difficult problem. Difficult problem is devoid experience, work ham-handed, delay the working plan of whole Team. To this, can be in exercitation unit associate with 9 friends, do well relation, when lacking experience but from get over there them help and give directions; Difficult problem 2 it is to lack make oneself appear very green to the understanding of company culture acerbity, the atmosphere with the office is antipathetic. Needing adopted the way to deal with a situation is first " examine Yan Guan is lubricious " , comprehend company culture hard, listen to look more more, little speech; Difficult problem 3 it is new personality is entered row by person bully, rubbish job gives you completely. Want when encountering this difficult problem scrupulously and respectfully fulfil his duty to defend, the society is enduring, everything helps actively, give a person with active up, enthusiastic and facile sense.

■ close clew

Exercitation appraisal has been jumped over in detail more

Usually, always attend large invite applications for a job to meet, to apply for a job is believed " the society is carried out " to apply for a job of the blank in one column person always be washed out the earliest. Accordingly, withholding corresponding exercitation proof is crucial. Exercitation proof is a pure exercitation proof not merely, content should as far as possible detailed, and had better build the official seal of an exercitation unit

Preparation of to apply for a job should invest how many
Regulation of 8 big exercitations
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