The 7 great quality that successful interview should have
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When treating another person:

(1) is thankful: The income that treats other to treat his has a heart that be thankful, be happy to see other people is right oneself " good " . E.g. , when speaking of predecessor boss, allude incidentally his guide and support to oneself and benefaction.

(2) is good-tempered: Treat another person as treating oneself. E.g. , when seeing others is faulty, associate immediately, oneself also have similar weakness, can become very open-minded so, very good-tempered.

When treating oneself:

(3) self-communion: Often analyse the inadequacy of oneself, daily 3 provinces my bodies. Often analyse oneself: Today, what thing do I have to you can be done weller?

(4) controls oneself: In study, job, life these 3 respects, have strict regulation to oneself. E.g. , him requirement goes to bed before 11 o'clock everyday. (The author sighs with emotion: Now, when I write down this paragraph of character, look up outside seeing a window, curtain of night already hanged low; Lower his head to see watch, pressing with a finger already before dawn... I was accomplished " assiduous " , but did not accomplish him place advocate however " self-discipline " , and not " self-discipline " , how can you ensure long-term " assiduous " ? Good, I decide to rest! How lucky, I am had " self-communion " and " act immediately " good quality! Dear reader friends, see watch, if you should rest, "Self-discipline " the ground goes sleeping... )

In individual character respect:

(5) is hard-working: Close an eye to want, which kinds of person is the person that you like to cooperate most? There is innovation thinking? Those who there is leadership? Hard-working still? Without doubt, metropolis apt chooses every interview official the candidate of a cautious and conscientious.

(6) active sunshine: The individual character of active sunshine, although see an one side that evildoing also can see its are active. E.g. , when speaking of selfish colleague, telling interview the official is selfish is the medium that a kind of effective ego protects, good function arrives since the meeting occasionally.

(7) is easy and humorous: I listen to a few handler to had said not merely: That boy / the girl experts greatly square, and particularly amused, be about he / she!

(8) intelligence is mature: No longer pure and so innocent that make a person afraid, it is a center with ego no longer, mature likelihood is the individual character feature that interview official misses to see most, especially to the this year's graduates. Maturity is a col actually, before this col, a person can look ego very greatly, after experiencing this col, ego can become smaller and smaller, and other things will be bigger and bigger. Say for example, the baby is mature least of all, be ego, want to eat and drink only pull scatter meet of course ground cries aloud cry. With this analogize, on on-the-job field, the undergraduate of strong finish school is mature least of all, he / their dehisce shuts a mouth to say " I " and the feeling is of course, for instance, "The job that I like to be full of challenge sex " , "I have leadership " ... however, a mature duty field person, more moment can say " the job " , for instance, "The job asks I handle a challenge, I can go all out do one's best go dealing with " , "When the job needs me to head a project, I am happy to assume the job and capable competency; If work not to need me to carry anyone leader, I can be happy to do by the leader, because, who am I not important, important is, everybody can have done the work together. " say so, maturity is representing a candidate to see ego very smally, and see professional drive very greatly.
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