The 5 big breakthroughs with successful interview are nodded
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The breakthrough nods one: Detail decides success or failure

Develop as social depth, the company is right of the talent make an on-the-spot investigation to already was not the demand that keeps in professional, skill, experience, consider ability of the talent's disposition, be gregarious, innovation at the same time, pay attention to subtle kongfu. The person that can have some of to apply for a job cannot be comprehended truly " not with evil small and for it, not with be apt to small and do not be " old saying, bring about to apply for a job to defeat. The Wang Yuanyuan of limited company of Ao Taisi electron is accepting when interviewing, say: "Employee is received when hearing a telephone call, if the speech is not careful, desertion likely client. " and similar phenomenon, in the common occurance in business development. To reduce the unsuccessful cost of business management, detail notices to make an on-the-spot investigation when selecting a talented person, of course follow a rational line to do some work well.

The breakthrough nods 2: Stress oneself dominant position

This year's be born to be compared with social personage photograph, have its insufficient place oneself, but all link reside may not under the person. If be in,oneself disposition feature, will professional dominant position, can bright window shows process of to apply for a job come, can let unit of choose and employ persons find everything new and fresh probably, "10 thousand flowerses are a bit mediumer red " , be met increase by the possibility of employ. Rong of old records of company of adviser of canal of outstanding example look forward to is when the experience of invite applications for a job that speaks of his say: "Quite a few is this year's unripe, because of not the advantage that arrogate to oneself sums up him, advantage that cannot discover oneself, bring about loser of to apply for a job to be able to be found everywhere. " relevant data statistic makes clear, this year's the rate that gives birth to because of the advantage strong point that cannot stress oneself failure exceeds 77% , have to say the lesson that is a deep feeling of grief.

The breakthrough nods 3: Rise gladly from basic level doing

A lot of HR that are engaged in manpower resource supervising the work express, their enterprise is not not to need invite applications for a job this year's university is graduate, and the predicament that hopes to pass the means that inputs new blood to change mothball talent to be not worth. The great majority that can reach because of invite applications for a job is this year's college graduate does not wish to be accepted to basic level take exercise indispensibly, make the enterprise is in by every means but under very reluctantly give up what one favours, look for some of record of formal schooling, professional, comprehension to not be like graduate of this year's college high school is born to apprentice or groom first cadre. Teaching material of our country college writes expert Zou Jin Hong to express: "Flat of high-rise of lofty or bottomless rises. If graduate of this year's college does not wish to be accepted to basic level,take exercise, can have which company dare stick one's chin out, give the project didn't one control almost the novice of risk ability? " if this year's give birth to the pillar that wants to become a company, in the society in this university, still need to bear hardships to basic level.
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