In the skill that shows itself in interview
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Current, the leadership of the person that a lot of units are check to apply for a job, the gift of tongues and cooperative ability, a lot of to apply for a job person the organization undertakes colloquy with respect to a certain selection of subject together, from which the integrated quality of the person that so as to observes to apply for a job and good mastery of a skill or technique, decide to be recruited whether finally thereby, this kind applies for a method to call group interview the law.

The leader is not had in this kind in panel discussion form, examinee is comprised a certain number of groups, number 4 differ to 8 people, do not appoint chief, everybody the status is equal, the requirement compares big question with respect to certain controversy sex, for example the cadre is promoted, working task allocation, additional grant-in-aid allocates wait for a problem to undertake discussion. Below certain circumstance, still ask the group forms unanimous opinion, report with written form. Every group member answer above sign, in order to state oneself agree with a report that make.

In having leader panel discussion, the basis standard that official of be in charge of an examination gives a mark is: How many of speech frequency; Whether be good at offerring new understanding and program; Dare to express different opinion, support or affirm the opinion of others, hold to oneself true opinion; Whether be good at eliminating nervous atmosphere, persuade others, mediate dispute, creation makes the person also thinks not big ringent the atmosphere of the speech, cite the opinion of everybody to consistent; Look whether listen attentively to others opinion, whether to respect others, whether to encroach other right to speak. See a language convey ability even how, analytic ability, wraparound differ with Baconian summary the ability of the opinion how, the sensitivity of the initiative that reads a speech, reaction is waited a moment.

As examinee, how be in group interview " give prize " ?

-- , confident to oneself. Although be competitor of to apply for a job,do not have leader panel discussion between " fight hand-in-hand " , but also not be thing of special ticklish dreariness, because each examinee are euqally fair competition.

-- , drop a load, bold mouth, make a speech first. To every panel member, opportunity once, if recreant stage fright, silent not language, dare not put sound to chat, that is equal to the chance that lost check, ending nature is bad. Of course, if can be on the base that organizes good expression material, accomplish the first speech, that effect is better, the impression that gives a person is the deepest also.

-- , appear when speaking halt resembling is the appearance that thinking, so do can making you appear is the person that the sort of good wanting that say again. This kind of practice is in face-to-face it is possible when interview, because of interview person can look reach you are thinking and it is to had wanted to just reply. Additional, mix in telephone interview when can inspecting conference system interview, do not make the stop that think, can appear otherwise inanimate tongueless.
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