Psychosis decides interview the first involve success or failure!
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Competition of unpredicatable market of to apply for a job is increasingly severe, to apply for a job person the problem that encounters possibly from inside simple preparative interview already, the square respect area that involves to interview deep. Interview, be in again " face " word. Accordingly, what kind of " install a look " ability is the decentest, both neither can let him appear too mature, the youth that uses oneself can appropriately again wins interview officials' better impression to also be paid close attention to by more person place gradually. The element with successful interview is eloquence and dress not just absolutely so simple, still include Ni dimension elegant man to accuse the good psychosis that face of oily strong bright clean creams you are brought.

Most to apply for a job person can prepare the article such as suitable suit, leather shoes, portfolio meticulously before interview, dress is decent and easy it is a when win HR good impression main factor. But this is merely " install " , still have " look " the word often is in interview by our oversight. Look, namely psychosis. Good psychosis, adequately report gives the mental view of a person, also be interview adds the Chongzhongzhi of cent to weigh. How does ability maintain good psychosis? Does your to apply for a job prepare to had been done? Need not anxious, ni dimension elegant man accuses face of oily strong bright clean to cream bring you brand-new result!

1, maintain facial cleanness

Consider to show according to sociologist, before cannot know a person deep, facial and clean dapper man compares normally all over the face the man of glossy dust is more welcome. Authoritative orgnaization investigation also makes clear, good the first impression can make the successful rate of interview rises 70~80% .

So, paying close attention to facial detail is not the female's patent, it also is the obligatory course of an elegant man.

The friend that has used man clean face to cream thes upper part of the body in this meeting particularly deep. It is very easy that facial grease secretes exuberant man glossy is full of, when cleanness is facial, should choose can effective recuperation oleaginous with moisture mechanism, carry the clean face product of relaxed moist condition.

When selecting a product, can consider accumulate the product of contained algal essence, bilge of because it is OK complete purify and redundant grease, abiding control grease is secreted, the help prevents acne; Additional, vitamin E can remove moist skin, hold the action of moisture equilibrium, after washing not dry, quality of a material is lightsome and relaxed, be absorbed particularly easily by skin and rapid and moist. The man that there is a worry in deep-seated and clean respect still can choose to have the grandma washing a face of clear salt recipe, can reduce old useless cutin effectively blandly so, thorough wool bursa takes away oily dirty, decrease dark heavy, restore the skin to shine lustre.
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