To apply for a job: Bid farewell of word of? of ⒂ Juan uglying bath "
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Interview is in process of to apply for a job, can saying is a segment with the largest pressure. Outside facing the country quizs like boss continuous firing, if can reply,get unhurried, crisp, appropriate and critical, and the taste accord with the foreigner, so affirmative meeting adds those who add you to admit an opportunity greatly.

   Beforehand 3 preparation

■ wait to the target company seat, dimensions, activity general situation in the whole world should understand somewhat beforehand, include head office to establish expression of the time of the branch, outstanding achievement, operation in home, and the professional work that the plan will begin henceforth, it is better to be like the opinion that can receive industry. If cannot get written data, also want to try to obtain information from inside this company or other a person of same business.

■ the intention that content of the self introduction when interview should stress be recruited and the post that consider be recruited, because this has gathered the information of relevant post, have a well-thought-out plan of the ability when self introduction, suit theme.

■ prepare all certificate data, the qualificatory certificate related for example and professional competence, or enter groomed data, had better have direct correlation with be recruited post, not only certifiable oneself are in this on one hand efforts, also express to have this potential.

   Principle of 3P of style of conversation

Should remember when self introduction " 3P principle " : Positive(self-confident) , ) of Personal(individual character, pertinent(critical) . Self-confidence of style of conversation, want actively to undertake self-approval namely, make interview person sufficient realize your advantage and potential. Stress individual character, the characteristic play that wants him extraordinary namely comes out, stress oneself major and ability. Mood cogency, want be practical and realistic namely, not exaggerated, bombastic, also do not involve the issue that has nothing to do with oneself.

Self introduction should concise palpability, leave clarity of train of thought, reaction to interview person the impression with quick, strong logic. Self introduction time shoulds not be too long, the word is unfavorable and too much, best control is in 5 minutes in. Do not mention oneself with respect to eloquent, dash along, lest character is multilingual,break. Additional, should avoid to be used too much when self introduction " I " (my) , do not want every sentence one begin appears one " I " word, leave ego to flaunt to the person, the impression that is a center with ego.

Agile applicant often is met " I " the word of begin, become " you " word nob. For example, interview person says: "Willyoupleasesaysomethingaboutyourself? " (is the case that asks you to talk about your good? ) applicant says: "Doyouwantmetotalkaboutmypersonallifeortosaysomethingaboutthejob? " (you want to let me talk about the life of my individual, be still the issue that concerns with this job? ) such, your talk placed interview person. The result that the means place of this kind of talk produces is self-evident. Interview is a kind of circumstance that interview person and applicant communicate each other after all, go among the conversation that applicant places interview person into oneself constantly, had the effect that communicates each other naturally.
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