Interview disposition tests skill of pass a barrier
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One, real answering question

The test is to get an accurate result, because this measures examination questions around mostly,have the theme of mutual test and verify. The person that be like to apply for a job think oneself clever, choose the disposition option that this position may ask, bring about test around probably to not agree with, let company of invite applications for a job very easily discover you are a dishonest person so, give the sieve is divided above all thereby.

2, answering question leaves in jam-free circumstance

To apply for a job person should ask to offer a quiet, jam-free environment, loosen the mood next, understand the answering question after the title, such ability reach the answer with him conform to.

3, answering question avoid is extreme

Although different post needs different disposition to test a requirement, but every corresponding constituent is worth company preference the person with not big difference. For instance the meeting in MBTI test reachs " extroversion / batter, feeling / intuition, thinking / feeling, judgement / consciousness " quadruplet data result. If the test reachs extroversion (15)/ batter (35) , two data had differred big, can be washed out mostly. Because of this to apply for a job person extreme of the avoid by all means that become a problem, some relevant cent value is carried too high.

4, strive for interview opportunity actively

The test just applies for a respect of the exam, sometimes because of to apply for a job person the influence such as the mood when answering question, environment, perhaps measure examination paper itself to be in " the letter is spent " and " effect is spent " on existence error, bring about a result very likely not correct and reliable. Because of this to apply for a job person if be informed a result not to manage,think, still want to think method strives for interview opportunity actively, measurable when interview explanation " the condition when becoming a problem not beautiful " , and use oneself old and outstanding job success, will prove oneself can be competent this job.

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