Zhejiang state tax 2008 interview title
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1, someone says officeholder and photograph of business working personnel are compared, without innovation consciousness, how do you look. Why do you enter oneself for an examination this position?

[answering question point] (I do not agree with 1) such view. Innovation has have greatly small, however nowhere is absent. Major discovery, major innovation, major reform is innovation; Extend working train of thought, improve working method, offer rationalize proposal, also be innovation. (2) really the opportunity that business working personnel has more innovation, but do not mean officeholder to develop innovation without the opportunity. (3) officeholder regards the government service of the government sector as personnel, routine should be a basis with law, code, policy, play means is quadrature of step of plan wanting abide by necessarily, but the arena that officeholder innovates to annals youth was offerred likewise, because this was attracted more and more red-blooded enter oneself for an examination with the college graduate of new thinking. The officeholder that appears in recent years enters oneself for an examination heat is a proof namely. (4) innovation is not blind act recklessly, and should have scientific mind. Do not follow objective law, or investigation and study is not careful, professional knowledge not essence of life, perhaps be eager to hope for success, be no good. Should " reflect times sex " and " hold regularity " all comes along, " abound creativity " and " accord with scientific sex " all comes along; " bold " and " dovish " all comes along. Had handled all sorts of contradiction correctly, had held all sorts of significances. (5) with respect to my individual character, when a professional ideal that officeholder is me. (I suit 6) quite enter oneself for an examination country the officeholder of tax section, also was the official that becomes a qualification to make corresponding preparation during the university. It is to be in political, joined a Chinese Communist, become a glorious communist; 2 it is to be on study, the professional class knowledge that had 7 years learns, played solid professional tax base. 3 it is to be on ability, enter social practice actively, obtained reputably; (Of 7) innovation spirit reflect and practice basically originates the person's subjective activity, originate the perceptive ability that the person progresses to social progress, originate the exploration to practice and to the society serve as effectively, baconian rise even if study, respect course of study, dedication and solidarity. If I can become an official, my general learns to the comrades that have experience seriously, try hard to develop, active enterprising, innovate ceaselessly, parent of leader of disappoint country society is fostered to mine and expect anything but.

2, you go subordinate unit jackarooes, feel leadership job method is formalist, the way that handles an issue is wrong, how do you do?

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