Examination questions of engineer of Shanghai network system
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1What agreement is ISAKMP? What effect does it have?
2 mail server is atttacked by MAIL SPAM, how be on guard and to how be on guard and solve?
3FLASH, ROM, RAM, is NVRAM in CISCO road by implement medium action?
A 4 EXCHANGE server of mail of two domain names, have a domain name only, how be solved and to how be solved and configure?
5Do OWA and LDAP carry catchword?
6 explanations PAP and CHAP
Can VPN of 7 structural frame use those agreements?
The 8 safe solutions that say you to measure the platform of electronic business affairs in 100 thousand above to day visit?
9 say solution of safety of network game system?
10Kind of communication of a few kinds of processes is there below LINUX?
11The distinction of NAT and PROXY and connection?
The 12 plan that say simply to establish system of mail of ten million class?
Tool of 13 application IPTABLES writes regulation of a few Netfilter, chant only make the WWW on ETH0 serve data to pour out of
14 regard a project as compere, solve you please large door website (intercurrent quantity is every second 500) plan is simple narrate
The 15 connection that say NIDS and HDIS and distinction, say the systematic principle of IDS
Explain shock wave virus
Kill the distinction of poisonous software and firewall
17 general staff cannot go up how should the net do? How can you discharge wrong processing?
18 ask you to draw you the network develop of the company fills to pursue and try to explain before.
19 specific does the defence of company network safety that talks about you have He Miaofang?
20 excuse me this C kind net paragraph have address of how much usable IP