The face inspects newest network engineer problem
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1, Win2000, win2003 have a few version, what is newest system patch includes every version?
2, the implementation method of DNS?
3, is the load of WEB server balanced?
4, excuse me at present on market commonly used the actor defect of operating system of a few kinds of networks?
5, had excuse me you used those servers? Tell about Raid0 please, 1, the characteristic of 5 and advantage?
6, paragraph of catchword that asks listed and following agreement: HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, TELNET, PPTP, SMTP, POP3?
7, want to adopt UNC method inside the local area network excuse me or computer of the other side of NETBIOS name visit, what deliberation does need open on computer of the other side or port?
8, OSI7 layer model? TCP/IP model?
9, whether upgrade WIN2000P into WIN2000S?
10, the security that how assures a documentation?
11, the firewall that says you know and its application?
12, the specific implementation means of WINDOWS region? How should client computer join region to should be operated?
13, are you excuse me familiar to AD? How to organize AD resource?
14, summarize operation leader please (FSMO) action?
15, what is PKI excuse me? How does PKI come true below WIN? Summarize a process that certificate applies for please?
16, had excuse me you used those to control software remotely?
17, how to realize WINDOWS teeming?
18, system of which a few kinds of mail do you know? Summarize the detailed measure that installs EXCHANG 2003 please?
19, a few big functions does ISA have excuse me? Summarize the process that releases a website with ISA please?
20, how does ability make SQL server safer excuse me?
21, how should in producing an environment excuse me, you plan is SQL database file deposited?
22, produce delay engine when a DC, should you manage like where?
23, how do you do your WINDOWS server more safely excuse me?
24, how back up and reductive SQL database?
25, how back up and reductive EXCHANG database?
26, had you used those software that reduce toxin (network edition and stand-alone edition) ?
27, if network of a small business needs you,go planning, tell about your program train of thought please?
28, do you know those inbreak testing system? Are you independent of deploy are there those?
29, the security that how enhances WEB server excuse me?
30, should have occurrence trouble of a computer, how do you solve this problem excuse me?
31, had you done systematic patch to upgrade? Inside if the net has the word of 100 machines how do you do systematic patch to upgrade?
32, webpage occurrence chaos what reason be?
33, does Exchang2003 install successful acquiesce to you can send and receive mail with Foxmail? If can, why? If cannot, show an account please?
34, how does ability unite the mailing address that changes whole company excuse me (Exchange environment) ?
35, how do you plan in producing an environment excuse me of EXCHANGE server database deposit?
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