Examination questions of Chinese mobile face is solved in detail
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Mobile interview is after coming back from Beijing in me, I am more inactive when interview is mobile, also did not prepare well, the metropolis before my interview is originally comprehensive collect the data of this company, my whats were done go interview, the result proves this is very dangerous later! Jiangsu shift calculates what the outstanding achievement in the branch has compared China is mobile, interview procedure is normaller also, mobile one side and China compare likeness for 2, the interview officer that just moves is more superior, because move to did not stipulate rigid seeks person target seemingly, so many little they are indifferent to, group face process very accurate, I basically do not have what expression. Group the face is problem of analysis of a case, the title is probably such, have A, b two companies, b company owes 800 thousand loan of A company, a company boss sends me to take a value the china bowl with 200 thousand acting Qing Dynasty goes to B company, b company boss is affirmatory, after taking china bowl return 800 thousand loan A company, I sat travel-stainedly the plane of a few hours, the train of a few hours, still sat finally the car of a few hours (is demonstrative place very devious? ) , be in a city to B company already in the evening at 11 o'clock, as a result of my curiosity, I opened a box, discover china bowl cracked 3 (day why favour annulus is less than me) , I will be about to see B boss at 9 o'clock tomorrow, how should I do? (I do not know is me what journey bumps bad is original still bad) , boss of A of as it happens should open a week close the conference, the mobile phone is in close plane position, cannot affirm (why so artful! ! ! ) .

SWOT analysis: The target takes below 800 thousand loan

S: I am sorry I do not have experience but my study ability is strong
W: Time is too close, and solve what method limitation is in is indoor.
Small town may seek advice without antique store, and arrived at 10 o'clock tonight tomorrow morning antique store also won't open the door at 9 o'clock
Cannot the original condition that contact acknowledges a bowl
O: The develops to understand information to bring to us convenience of Internet
Can make B boss much give his a bit time
T: This problem solves bad word, oneself jobbed to also be done not have
And A company is mixed the relation of B company will not be maintained

What so we should do is OK list the following:

The data of bowl of china of 1. online collect, best and OK affirmatory china bowl after all good still is bad, I cite here the method of my father, the china bowl with complete hypothesis is bigger than broken china bowl value, if you check complete china bowl on the net,be really 200 thousand, so this china bowl is destroyed in journey namely (this solves period of time or some) . If you are checked in the late evening
This broken china bowl is worth 200 thousand, so this bowl defeats namely originally, you are OK of high-sounding give him the bowl, the problem can be solved.
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