Human affairs manager loves 15 asking questions and answer skill most
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Interview, it is the best method that knows applicant job ability and integrated quality. The interview problem of human affairs manager often all kinds of strange things, if a few questions that often ask can master before interview, successful odds also can increase accordingly. It is the 15 interview problem with human affairs commonly used manager below, consult in order to offer everybody.

1. Talk about yourself's circumstance first please.

Answer this problem to have two methods: It is the question that direct answer asks, can answer oneself biggest advantage, characteristic, has professional technology; 2 it is simple an account in one's own words hind, the skill that turns the answer to oneself immediately, experience and groom to get what what accept at present this works come up.

2. Why can you come are our company applied for?

Applicant should prepare a few accounts more commonly before interview, but the account is best and brief and suit is actual. To indicate the reason that apply for and working desire, the answer of the answer had better be can mix with the product that applies for a company related the enterprise, because there is development space in the future,had better not reply, because stable wait for the answer, want to show the pattern that has studied a company adequately.

3. How many knowledge do you have to our company?

This is applicant of a test the interest to the company and the problem that how many have into the apiration that the company works, the advertisement content that should answer a content of brief introduction of one part company and human affairs of invite applications for a job only goes.

4. Do you think of this industry now besides how?

This problem basically is the person that know to apply for a job shows to the industry besides understanding and look into. Be aimed at jackaroo, it is to explore his apiration to this job and care degree. Because be firm,graduate from the school, also stay on book only to the knowledge of this respect, need not install before human affairs manager adept, also not was necessary to state the opinion of what original creation, you want to be able to be delivered only went correctly with true opinion.

5. What is your working outlook?

Need not think too complexly, you can reply " why and the job " , "What to get from working respect " , "N after year, what does myself have to plan " wait a moment if.

6. Why should you seek a such position?

If ask about this problem, this is the other side wants to understand, whether are you belonged to the sort of no matter be in what company, want to work does the person that goes only. If it is so, he won't be interested in you. Unit of choose and employ persons thinks those who search is the person that can solve the problem in the job, such person job rises more hard, more businesslike. So, you can reply so: "I spent a lot of time to design my professional career, I think the job of this respect suits me, what I like a lot of issues that the reason is this work requirement, also be my strong point. Also be my strong point..
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