Career planning major key points of 7
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1, starting from the professional choice This stage is based on a person to complete high school or junior high school learning, preparing to enter college or vocational school, select a specific professional learning, career preparation for the future to do the stage, and thus this stage can also be referred to as career preparation stage. This is the initial stage of career, is to decide whether to win an important stage in the beginning, the first turning point in life. Although the initial selection of a person does not mean that his future professional career, but after career planning are targeted on the basis of selection, will lay the foundation for the cause of human life, if your future professional career and have learned the same, then your career will be more stable and promising, his career will be more exciting. So at the beginning of high school students must begin to plan their career at its core is based on their current situation, determine the direction along the development of vocational skills to improve or college. For the individual, characteristics consistent with their abilities, for their own interest, but also the professional direction of society needs is an ideal choice. In the selection process, should clarify the following questions. 2, want to do? What hope for the future? Western proverb says: If you do not know where you want to go, then usually you can not go anywhere. Similarly, one does not know the person you want to do nothing so that we can normally. Therefore, the establishment of a specific career goals and professional direction, well aware that their future would like to do is to choose a professional prerequisite. The key is to do that recognize themselves, find their own excitement and interest. As the saying goes first interest is the power of people, is the best teacher is the mother of success, an interesting work in itself can give a sense of satisfaction from his career will become fun. Generation of Pele to football as the dedication of life to become the world's attention the star; of the business has a strong interest in the Peking University Founder Group President Zhang Yufeng's business history also shows a strong professional interest in the cause of a person off the engine, while the interest to pursue a successful career regret is tremendous impetus. For the early stage of career preparation in high school graduates, although the interest will gradually clear with age, but there is still interest in instability, so at this stage of secondary school students to parents, teachers, psychologists and even help to find their true interest, pursuant to choose a professional direction. 3, What? For what? Interest alone option is not comprehensive, interesting things to do does not mean that its ability, astronaut, Yang Liwei, director Zhang Yimou, CCTV were presided over Bai Yansong, Shui Junyi, Yao Ming, who can say the occupation is interests and dreams of many young people, but these occupations are essential characteristics of individual ability to determine not only the interest on the Pisces. So, clearly he can do, for what is a necessary condition for choice of profession. Advantage because people with different abilities for learning and future professional occupation is somewhat different, such as space and strong person for engaging in machinery manufacturing, engineering, construction and other professional and artistic aspects of science and engineering expertise, as well as corresponding to these professional career; verbal ability are suitable for learning language and literature, text editing, translation, literary and artistic creation, and other professional and engaging the appropriate professional, Einstein bias due to intuitive thinking, there is no choice but to choose mathematics need intuitive theoretical physics as the main direction of the cause; Hunan TV show host known Xiang, childhood Zengyin mouth too fast, talk too much, as a major drawback has been criticized by parents, but it is precisely this characteristic combined relentless pursuit, making her the best entertainment show host. In this regard, the ability of each person has their own strengths and personality traits, have their own strong points, weaknesses, and only in the full understanding of their context in order to properly choose a good suit their academic and professional direction. 4 What are the needs of society? Clearly wanted to do in their own, capable of professional fields and career direction, it should also take into account the needs of society and to consider prospects for the future development of external factors such as professional choice is the basic guarantee for success. If you are interested in both their chosen profession and has complied with the requirement, but there is no demand or need very little community, the future employment prospects, this is the career planning of its initial failure. Human needs for social and labor market uncertainty of change and development, measurement, and development prospects of the needs of society is not a simple matter, and therefore in the choice of profession, should tradeoff, and consider, correctly handle the professional analysis of cold and heat, the current job market demand for large and small, are not suitable for professional and non-elite schools for professional and other conflicts have been an effort to make love in the selection, while selection has been selected director of community needs to rationally take a good first step in career planning. 5, three of career choice This stage is a person to complete college or vocational school professional learning, to prepare the stage of choice of occupation, and thus this stage may also be known as the career choice period. The main characteristics of this stage is to go from school to work, it is the starting point for the development of life. How to start, is directly related to the future success or failure. As the saying goes: "Women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong man", the last part refers to the professional position. Only to find out what the market needs, you want to do, he can do things like that to locate the direction of their career in order to find the one you love. Ambitious, would be nothing; timid and will eventually repent. This stage the core of career planning is to do all that self-evaluation and internal and external environment based on the analysis, choose their own career - and their interests, abilities match, with the specialty areas in the same direction, in line with their own career development ideal career. To achieve this goal, should note the following: 6, to re-examine Re-examine, evaluate their own career planning, develop a stage career development goals. Because of their age, qualifications and social development and changes and other reasons, the first choice of professional career goals while developing good agreement may be biased or even more abstract such diverse results, after several years of professional study, carried out once again for their professional orientation, establishment stage of career development goals is necessary. Three weight Correctly handle the ideal and the reality needs of professional and personal career goals and paid the contradiction between high-welfare professionals, to facilitate the exercise itself, give full play to their potential, are conducive to personal career development for the purpose of the initial career choice. In general, the first in a successful career planning based on the result of careful, rational choice of profession, and after a few years to re-examine, evaluate career goals, their choice of career direction or gaps should be less consistent, and therefore , started his career, should choose the same direction with their careers, to realizing their own recent or long-term career goals. If a person is engaged in the occupation does not match with their career direction, his overall efficiency will be greatly reduced. In pursuit of a higher kind of simple functions and more money for the purpose of selection, only short-term goals, short-term goal is prone to short-term behavior, eventually leading to failure. Therefore, the relative capacity to believe in themselves the strongest, the biggest interest, but society also needs to make their own career is the most growth, career advancement, but also most likely to make their own successful business. 7, the little things, big goals Good at small things, from the start with the most specific professional positions, as long as this small, specific things with their ultimate career goal is the same, is conducive to personal career goals, you can choose to determine for itself the first professional positions. A major event is composed of a thousand little things. On the specific, a person not to do things big and small of the points, so the end result of their completely different, because people do great things every little thing done and the targets set are closely related, a thousand little things would mean achievement of the goals to complete; made not a big deal made a thousand people there is no association between minor, disorderly, and finally even thousands of little things done, but also regarding the (big) nowhere. Person's career planning is such a small thing can be a number of (behavior) which consists of events, based on the little things to accomplish great things. Management is also a graduate of two people, a choice of high salary white-collar occupation authorities, as an alternative sales commission paid by the sales clerk job, in the ordinary view, the white-collar work is better than the salesman, but personal career development point of view, the result is not so simple. Characteristics of individual capacity if the general authority for white-collar professional and personal career development goals in the pursuit of stability and comfort, choose the white-collar job organ is ideal; but for the pursuit of challenging work, interests and career aspirations are high-level managers do business people, work is beginning to choose to sit agencies, will only lose a great training opportunities, and the choice to do marketing, the little things from the most basic and most difficult thing to start, although not a little difficult, but in the long run, both Exercise capacity can be accumulated valuable experience can be said is necessary to lay the foundation towards the process of high-level, long-term career goal is to achieve the best start.