Private equity funds in China is faced with lack of other bottlenecks in the dev
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Is held in Nanning, Guangxi, the seventh of China - ASEAN Expo has attracted many private equity funds to come, "Nuggets." The past two years, with the increase in financing needs of SMEs and start-GEM, private equity funds in China has developed rapidly. But when the reporter interviewed a number of people in the industry believe that the current private equity fund in China, also facing exit platform diversity has not been established, relevant laws and regulations are not sound, the integrity of the credit system is imperfect, lack of personnel and other four major bottleneck. Dragon International Group of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Limited Chen Liangmin introduction, the wealth effect is a private equity fund investment the main driving force, therefore, improve the exit mechanism is particularly important. Chen Liangmin that, while the GEM launched private equity funds widened the exit channel, but its accompanying policy environment and market system needs further improvement. Service center in Tianjin, general manager of equity investment fund, said Wang Shuhai, "the State Council on accelerating the development of new industries and development of a strategic decision," the introduction, in large measure contributed to the development of private equity investment fund. China - ASEAN Expo, reporters also found that many private equity investment fund their attention to the energy saving, new generation of information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles seven strategic of new industries. But Wang Shuhai that private equity funds as a new investment model, the existing regulations can not be fully applicable to this new form of business organization, the industry needs improvement and further development of relevant laws and regulations. In addition, the construction of credit system is the industry focus. Wang Shuhai said that good development of the credit system is based private equity investment funds, but in our market has not yet formed, "credit", "honest"-based operating system, the credit management system and disciplinary mechanisms of absence, is difficult to avoid the fund management have caused the "moral hazard." The rapid development of private equity companies are still bound to question its ability to invest some of the embarrassment. Number of private equity fund management staff, told reporters that the lack of professionals, has become the industry weakness. Industry sources, to solve this problem, the industry in the development of continuous training and training personnel.