Hunt head adviser is popular rank new occupation a list of names posted up head
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· of Dick of fast of firm of head of the first hunt enlighten orchid found at was in the United States 1926, hunt head development already had gone a few years, the whole world the flow of senior talented person of 70% is finished by assistance of hunt head firm; The transnational corporation of 90% above with all worlds 500 strong companies all use hunt head invite applications for a job senior talented person, hunt head firm the talent channel with maturity, specializationed method, assumed enterprise recruit " ability " in the most difficult link, already made the professional service with indispensable developed country
Orgnaization. And Chinese history is briefer, had gone ten years merely, but market of Chinese hunt head appeared fast growth sex, growth rate exceeds Euramerican market, add fast 25 percent. Join WTO as China, whole economy environment becomes more and more competitive, manpower resource serves as the most active part in the enterprise, become the critical force that the company grows further. The occurrence that hunt head serves, the flow of natural resources of power of go-between of facilitating socioeconomy system and reasonable configuration, hunt head service already became an enterprise to try the important channel that takes senior talented person and flow of senior talented person, began to form a kind of industry gradually. According to statistic Chinese company number achieved 43 million above 2007, the research of haing Buddha university makes clear, the proper scale of firm of head of the hunt in comparing mature market economy environment and industry measure is 5:1000, and Chinese hunt head is only more than 3000, apparent China's current hunt head market has vast ascendant space, hunt head grooms advisorily be badly in need of undertaking.

Grooming below the circumstance with educational very active market, hunt head adviser grooms the study that fired duty field newlywed person not only is enthusiastic, also drove the motivation that successful personage profession changes. So is hunt head adviser popular does duty field rank groom what is the main reason of head of a list of names posted up?

The reporter interviewed assistant dean of hunt head college Ms. Guo Hailing, she expresses, hunt head institute is dedicated make 21 centuries of Chinese of the most professional, high end " talent Bai Le " , attorney of adviser of head letting hunt and doctor, profession is same, get person respect. According to introducing, hunt head adviser grooms is the course of a series, include hunt head adviser first, medium, tall 3 class, primary and OK take on in the industry seek position of adviser of the member that search, assistant, intermediate take on advisory position, advanced take on the position such as manager of head of senior adviser, hunt, chief inspector, general manager. If student does not assume office in hunt head industry, what learn knowledge to be able to be in an enterprise in the round the director of resource of director of invite applications for a job, manpower, chief inspector, application in doing poineering work and play. She expresses, basically can be had by the talent's welcome with a few reasons:
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