Fujian: Piao sends benzyl apprentice carboxyl to compare very short time
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The reporter teachs hall know from the Fujian Province, fujian mixes exert oneself from base of solid example of construction key major, demonstrative sex this year the skill of education of many sided proceed with such as talent education base in short supply talent, in order to alleviate the industry technical ability such as line of business of manufacturing industry, contemporary service, bldg. talent's in short supply state.

Fujian this year a when accelerate education of skill in short supply talent to regard a profession as education urgent task. Building key major aspect, fujian asks each secondary vocational school widens professional face, transform old major, build it is the major that prop up for bibcock, relevant major with key major group, make structure of occupation more hasten is reasonable.

In demonstrative sex fact example base builds an aspect, fujian asks each district builds branch of the school, enterprise, director to participate in solid example base to manage a mechanism jointly, play shows the effect of base of plasticity solid example, for economic society development develops more skill person with ability.

In the talent education base builds an aspect, fujian will be preferential design of application of technology of choice numerical control, mould and make, machinery makes application of technology of technical application, industry and civil building, electron, as chemical as control, Electromechanical craft, computer move the major such as free design, arts and crafts to make a talent develop base.

Shenyang establishs association of technician of young person of first city class