Shenyang establishs association of technician of young person of first city clas
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5 days morning, association of technician of Shenyang city youth establishs base of solid example of talent of high skill of congress and countrywide youth to award card ceremony to be held in Shenyang project institute. Its establish fill autonomy of talent of immanent youth high skill organizes the country the blank of this one domain.

According to introducing, association of Shenyang youth technician has a member 80 more than person, it is the elite team that with Shenyang city teacher of technology of profession of outstanding youth technician, youth waits for talent of high skill of all circles youth one to give priority to, the blame that is development of freewill composition, ego management, ego seeks profits the mass organizations of professional organizes the gender, aim to collect the wisdom of talent of skill of whole town outstanding youth, for Shenyang old industry base revitalizes contributive youth force.

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