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Population of Chongqing city agriculture occupies 74.2 % , the country has able-bodied person of many have more than needed. To do well new rural area is built, chongqing is adopted multinomial measure is encouraged and supportive farming laborer returns countryside to do poineering work.

Chongqing city created service contact office in the 6 provinces city such as Guangdong, strengthen with go out to Wu work staff is communicated and be contacted. Municipal Party committee, municipal government was made go out the favourable policy that peasant worker worker returns countryside to do poineering work, through offerring rural land guaranty borrows money, using the ground and taxation policy field " give the green light " , examine and approve in administration, the respect such as credit provides high grade, convenient, quick service. County of Chongqing witch hill " drive obtain employment in order to do poineering work, exhibit in order to transfer hurried set out " the service develops train of thought, the farmer labour returns countryside poineering job to be mixed as capital attraction push a city the serious breach that countryside plans as a whole, effectively was promoted go out peasant worker worker returns countryside to do poineering work. 2007, entire county is wide the way that opens on the spot to change able-bodied person, add newly return country poineering project 158, investment amount amounts to 25 million yuan, solve obtain employment of this locality labour force 639 people, the service returns to economy to already made the new point of growth of prefectural region economy.

To solve the capital problem that the farmer does poineering work, chongqing city in order to extend small assure the form of loan, the capital that start and credence are lacked to assure in poineering process in the light of them, obtain the real difficulty that the bank borrows money hard, establish by the government again obtain employment assures fund, through again obtain employment assures orgnaization acceptance assures, apply for to the bank special again obtain employment is small loan, help them come true thereby again obtain employment. 2007, chongqing city already accumulative total extends loan is close 1 billion yuan, helped many 60 thousand unemployed personnel be sought oneself directly profession and do poineering work independently, still drove 150 thousand much person to realize obtain employment again obtain employment. This year first half of the year, whole town extends " poineering loan " more than yuan 8000, tower above goes 4 years extend amount, right small assure borrow money two years by finance pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange, labor is concentrated model the discount that finance of small company loan also offers 50 % .

Chongqing still strengthened what be versed in to returning countryside farmer to groom the job. Division of 10 thousand states farming wide proofread whole area grow leader of organization of collaboration of large family, rural economics grooms freely. On education management, they draw lessons from the advanced administrative pattern on international and experience. On study content, impart the many sided content such as technology of management of resource of poineering skill, business management, talent, network application. Groom after complete a course inside 3 years by farming wide officer person specially assigned for a task or job grooms to place regularly student undertakes a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers, provide service of technology, news freely, cogent do poineering work for student, the proposal that development offers referenced sex and opinion.
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