The foreign enterprise crosses 10 thousand monthly pay to invite an Olympic Game
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The figure that chooses high, beautiful face, genial smile, dignified bearing... go up in Beijing Olympic Games, reflect adequately " Chinese formula is fair " the look that formal volunteer drew the world. And after the Olympic Games, these formal volunteers that had enlisted an Olympic Games became a company popular " sweet pastry " . A few days ago, na Hang announces from 2008 in volunteer of Beijing Olympic Games, choose next year of formal young lady begins 100 Olympic Gameses task of executive international airliner. The reporter understands, type of formal personnel obtain employment already no longer confine is awarding prize, the category of celebration, expand however a lot of domain, and an outstanding formal professional can take the monthly pay of on 10 thousand even at most.

"The devil trains " piece " angel smiles " the severe winter that comes from Chang Ping vocational school is this Olympic Games the schoolboy with the not much amount to in formal volunteer, he what just end service of VIP of Olympic Games bird's nest is about to change window mount guard in capital airport foreign currency. Guo Tong of another beautiful formal young lady awards prize in end Olympic Games after formal volunteer service also be served by the cabin of capital airport employ. To can be in the Olympic Games reveals attractive smile in formal service, they should want to biting a chopstick many minutes 20 when training everyday, maintain show 6 to 8 teeth.

According to Chang Ping Liu Xiaodong of vocational school teacher introduces, besides professional skill, the Olympic Games is formal staff can be hard-working also be unit of choose and employ persons a bit what value. Although the Olympic Games is formal volunteer server does not have pay, but a piece of credentials that serves for Olympic Games volunteer will be better patulous road of their to apply for a job.

On top salary in case the firewood since average undergraduate course graduate reachs 2000 yuan or so in 1500 yuan about, but a good high post finish school is formal personnel pay can reach 3000 yuan or so in 2000 yuan. Hao Jian tells the duty field expert of wisdom couplet invite applications for a job the reporter, because having appearance, body and temperamental advantage, wait for professional knowledge plus English, computer, the personnel of formal major is served by concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of a lot of foreign enterprise company a large number of demand. In the world the monthly pay of downstage young lady of company of 500 strong companies can be achieved 4000 control to 5000 yuan. In addition, the formal young lady that still has a few high quality is recruited to become sale assistant by 500 strong companies, its pay can achieve 8000 yuan to go up even 10 thousand.

Demand of half an year breaks up time as our country all sorts of great matches are mixed mobile grow in quantity, also be in to the demand of formal young lady soar, formal groom also become popular. Mr. Liu Xiaodong tells a reporter, a lot of major did not enrol recruit students of professional high school this year full, but appear however with formal and relevant aviation service major saturated. "Enrol 300 much people only, came however 1000 much people, be led because of this professional obtain employment namely and firewood fulfil level is highlighted quite really. " the reporter understands, if directional go airline, general ground service staff considers go up accessorial and OK the firewood fulfil level that takes 2000 yuan to reach 3000 yuan, the boat outside behaving particularly outstanding student to be able to go, if Han Yahang sky is annual a firewood of empty elder sister of invite applications for a job control in 1000 dollars. Still have some of student the foreign language is good because of figure, good, also be valued by orgnaization of a few finance, became old hall director.
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