High-end talent demand increases steadily in
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Nowadays, each industries to in the demand of high-end talent appears generally to increase a current steadily, among them blame with sale, design kind talent demand is most exuberant. Additional, the industry that has strong professional background and innovation consciousness is technical talent still popular.  

"Because pressure of talent obtain employment is greater, especially the this year's graduates is working experiential inferior position, make this one group is facing greater pressure in process of to apply for a job. " department manager Fan Huifen points out undergraduate of limited company of adviser of talent of Wuhan life star, to duty field recruit, jiangchen is having opportunity of more obtain employment in sale, plan, advertisement, capital construction, travel and the industry lieutenant general such as advisory management.

Growth of demand of sale talented person is the rapiddest

"If say to market sale person the demand of ability is in,the beginning of the year is the word that trots all the way, so be in at present, it is a big spurt. " advanced and advisory Li Liang represents advisory limited company of business management of Wuhan city De Hui, sale of a few products enterprise to enlarge the market, march and occupational and provincial 23 lines city has become them to develop strength inevitable trend, the sale company integral demand growth to the talent is quite accordingly vigorous, become demand of talent of the beginning of the year to increase one of the fastest trades.  

"Sale enterprise innovates to channel and the heavy visual range of talent of brand public relations is spent increase, more apparent than having last year reflect. " the situation that refer sale trade will come to, li Liang expresses, show at the beginning of general trends, sale kind the talent should put in to brand, market not only familiar, still need to foster project management experience, "Come so, of sale talented person grow, still need to experience the harden oneself of very long period of time. Still need to experience the harden oneself of very long period of time..

The industry plan talent such as landed, the sources of energy is in short supply

"With respect to Jiangchen character, in recent years, develop the emerge in large numbers like emerge of business, Lou Panru newly, market competition is intense with each passing day, landed enterprise asks so that live, must increase oneself competition capacity, to engineering a talent introduce the principal weight used on a balance that makes company progress. " Nie Yingqun of general manager of employment of buy of Wuhan gold ground points out, although situation of whole nowadays estate is not quite Anacreontic, but the whole industry reserve to the talent demand as before driving. "Long-term in light of, landed industry enters a doorsill will taller and taller, specialization maturely talent, the new backbone force of industry of real-estate of times of the Olympic Games after becoming. the new backbone force of industry of real-estate of times of the Olympic Games after becoming..
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