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In summer vacation, university campus cold and cheerless, in the office of numerous and famous foreign enterprise lively however. One batch approves trainee of summer vacation time to come to here, accumulate practice experience for graduation to apply for a job, "Make visit " duty field false or true.

Current, recruit of trainee of summer vacation time already became the foreign enterprise that cross a state to pick the important way of talent, reserve talent. This not, this year before summer vacation, center of support of technology of whole world of Microsoft Asia-Pacific area started trainee of a summer to plan in Shanghai traffic university. Through a series of choosing knead dough tries, trainee of 50 summer vacation time, from nearly 2000 big 3, show itself in the student signing up of 4 greatly, the summer vacation time that began a paragraph of different common July lives.

"The to apply for a job that this will not come to for us is itinerary, open a god-given expedite door. " a student that joined plan of exercitation of Microsoft summer vacation time tells a reporter, very much now well-known company went to invite applications for a job ahead of schedule big 3 summer vacation, plan through summer vacation trainee " warm-up " , the hope collects potential outstanding talent, after waiting for campus invite applications for a job to begin formally, had had summer vacation time normal exercitation experience, obtain the graduate that each respect agrees with the enterprise, acquire position very easily directly. If students " hind after knowing, become aware " , when after the campus invite applications for a job of each enterprise is started in the round, hit out again to apply for a job, be afraid have the evening when the dot is. "A lot of fellow students that join Microsoft trainee project, it is namely after the assessment that carries a business, become Microsoft smoothly of formal employee. Become Microsoft smoothly of formal employee..

Nevertheless, the quota of people of exercitation of summer vacation time that wants to win famous business also is not easy thing. When a lot of big companies choose trainee of summer vacation time, also divide the many link such as first try, written examination, interview, knowledge of the primary quality that basically is aimed at a student, technology and study ability undertake be assessed integratedly and giving a mark.

How can just cut a figure in trainee choose, where is the post of exercitation of summer vacation time that wins famous foreign enterprise? Lu Yaping of manager of senior human affairs says center of support of technology of whole world of Microsoft Asia-Pacific area, although the exercitation is different from obtain employment, also have knowledge greatly among them: Face the enterprise trainee item that makes a person enchanted, want to seize an opportunity, timely reveal ego.

■ above all, self-confident enterprise should is full of to hope to see applicant when attending interview is the future inside this domain outstanding talent, the purchase more that can pass oneself is accomplished.
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