Hong Kong unemployment rate achieves 10 years to come new low
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Statistic of Hong Kong government is in 18 days of data that publish to show, hong Kong unemployment rate falls to 3.2 % , it is 10 years of lowest since.

End by July 2008, fall after a rise of Hong Kong unemployment rate 0.1 percent, to 3.2 % , rate of obtain employment inadequacy maintains 1.9 % . Drop to unemployment rate, spokesman of Hong Kong government expresses, came in May 2008 during July, total work population suffers this year's graduates and leave school personage to throw labour market influence to increase somewhat, but the rate of the person that labour market inducts these new to apply for a job this year is relatively good, built course of study to also create more obtain employment opportunities, because this unemployment has only,rise slightly.

Labor of Hong Kong special zone and Zhang Jianzong of welfare bureau director drop to unemployment rate express glad. He thinks macroscopical economy environment is in the rest of time put delay slightly this year, foreground of short-term obtain employment depends on the increases position newly rate on the market increases rate relative to what the labor supplies and decide. He points out, although obtain employment circumstance is improved continuously, but the government won't be lax because of this, the government will continue to be dedicated to adopting all-around politic stimulative obtain employment, pass groom, retraining and skill promotion, getting used to the personage that economy encounters obtain employment difficulty in the process of transition of ceaseless government knowledge activity in order to assist.

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