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Span 10 of labor contract " bank "
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Activate of labor contract law a series of new systems, new regulation, but unit of the choose and employ persons in practice can adopt multifarious method avoid these new systems, new regulation, the laborer that makes just was on a society is immersed in channel of a few channel in bank bank. Know somewhat to make an university graduate enrol art to these, be on guard, we basically induced the ” of 10 “ bank that college graduate should notice to had stridden labor contract.  Be not signed or let laborer sign the “ bank ” of blank contract Some units do not sign labor contract with laborer, the labor contract that perhaps takes out very much blank column lets laborer sign, after producing controversy, again evade responsibility. Laborer spans the countermeasure of this one bank is to insist to sign labor contract to work again first, work the clause of written labor contract clearly again first.    Abuse the “ bank ” of probation Unit of some choose and employ persons abused probation in the past, super- period the conventional probation, case that repeats conventional probation is more severe. Unit of some choose and employ persons the name with try out is cheap use labour force, aleatoric depress base pay, cause differ with labour fulfil phenomenon is very common, harm the interest of laborer badly. The “ bank ” that laborer should realise to units of these choose and employ persons abuse probation, apply adequately " labor contract law " wait for legal provision to uphold the right. Unit of choose and employ persons cannot agree arbitrarily probation, its suffer " labor contract law " tie, unit of choose and employ persons also cannot decide the probation pay of laborer at will, the salary of probation is not gotten under this unit salary of archives of same post lowest perhaps works 80% of contract agreement salary, in addition, unit of choose and employ persons cannot remove at will probation labor contract. If unit of choose and employ persons disobeys probation regulation to want to assume responsibility.    Decide the “ bank ” of minimum wage at will As a result of pay of unit of choose and employ persons the total wages of each society insurance premium and unit of choose and employ persons is direct and relevant, computational overwork salary also works in this unit with laborer the pay link up with of total income, credential of the labor contract that because unit of this not little choose and employ persons is in,signs with laborer, salary and payroll written the upper part of the body showing pay often is local minimum wage. Accordingly, home remedy of unit of choose and employ persons decides the way of minimum wage at will, the interest that harms worker actually. Laborer can inquire each district from the website of service of each district labor the minimum wage standard with each newest industry.    Make laborer avowed and intended bring about the “ bank ” of inductrial injury
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