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To apply for a job is too tired the field trip is too long graduate already was
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Had not gone to work formally, already arose to bore to the job however. As the college leave school period comes, graduate will walk into duty field from the tower of ivory, do not cross some graduate and do not have pair of this one new role come and feel excited. The reporter discovers in interview, some students are pulled too longly as a result of the battlefront that apply for a job, because some criterion is early had jackarooed 3 years two, the job that comes to be about to greet does not feel fresh, some arose even listless.

“ crosses two weeks to was about to report for duty to the company again, nevertheless I want to go not quite. University of ” Dong Hua is big 4 students Xiaolin has bit of irritated ” to describe with “ experience to what be about to work. Xiaolin tells a reporter, be in Dasiyi is whole years almost apply for a job, sent a few resume, interview at least 10 enterprises, experienced “ countless times by refus ” , placed ” of “ a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord before two months at long last, ke Xiaolin however excited also do not rise. “ may apply for a job too long, be done dog-tiredly. ”

He Xiaolin is same, xiaowang of graduate of old graduate student of Hua Dong division to new job also a bit does not have new move. “ works this actually I had done two years, early not new. ” is original, before signing employ contract, xiaowang jackarooes in the unit all the time, to can stay, had been to grind he of 3 all the same toward 9 evening 6, busy with formal employee. “ my him feeling has been ’ of old person of ‘ duty field, still fell the occupational disease of cervical vertebra strain. The earth's surface of ” of vicissitudes of life of one face “ shows ” Xiaowang, oneself often angst, be agitated, bloodless ……

The reporter made small-sized investigation to ten graduate subsequently, discovery has not entered duty field to feel to the job tired graduate is occupied nearly 8 into, among them because begin a field trip early,majority is, perhaps apply for a job too would you mind is arduous be caused by. To this, the personage inside course of study expresses, the “ job of new personality of accurate duty field is listless disease ” should be worth to pay close attention to. Hong Xiangyang of professional program division expresses, a lot of students are right of the job listless because do not have specific target,be, they do not know why they work. For instance, some person jobs are for ability of put to good use, also some people's better to had made money to go up life, but still a kind of person does not have working motive, devoid passion, the enthusiasm to the job is lost very easily in ‘ listless ’ . To the job listless once arise, very the target that is necessary to determine future in time, throw the job with positive attitude.
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