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College graduate is on the problem that the society should note
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One, agreement of concerned obtain employment     " obtain employment agreement " it is to make clear tripartite of unit of graduate, choose and employ persons, school to work in graduate obtain employment medium the right and obligation, via negotiating signed agreement. In quite long period of time, " obtain employment agreement " special gravity is in obtain employment plan, student obtain employment presses obtain employment agreement to deal with. As the flying development of market economy, of obtain employment viewpoint change increasingly, a large number of new problem emerge in large numbers come out, if signed obtain employment agreement, but the person does not report for duty, or was to sign obtain employment book, when when graduation, this unit was done not have, still some students signed obtain employment agreement, but report for duty to discover the unit is not his imagination, offer cancel a contract, different idea end an agreement went, etc. The sanction of obtain employment agreement is in abate, but national Ministry of Education still is being used, so, should notice to had been used correctly in actual process " obtain employment agreement " . The school is by " obtain employment agreement " will send. School basis " obtain employment agreement " content leaves piece " graduate obtain employment reports for duty card " and " registered permanent residence is migratory card " , transfer student record at the same time. The date that average school can want attend school to be born in the regulation (be like annual by June) hand in " obtain employment agreement " , the school again with " obtain employment agreement " undertake sending for the basis, if exceed this one time limit, the concern that the school meets a student and archives send an ancestral home along with all the others. The student that does not consider an ancestral home must very the settle requirement that is clear that whether oneself accord with the place that should go. Be like Hangzhou, record of formal schooling of record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, three-year institution of higher learning is in short supply professional or have other the graduate of special condition can be entered Hangzhou settle. Have so one part student, although already was in Hangzhou seek good job, but do not accord with into Hangzhou settle condition, result registered permanent residence does not fall down, turn a pocket into registered permanent residence. If you do not accord with the settle condition that enters this town, want to work into this city again, can return the relationship ancestral home first, in ancestral home settle, human affairs archives is deposited in center of ancestral home talent, come out to work next, wait for a condition to mature to deal with a talent to introduce again later, such, you won't be encountered a few needless the trouble that encounter, if go abroad politics careful, one's deceased father grind proof, marry the proof do not have a place to deal with.   2, report for duty card
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