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Graduate obtain employment needs to pay close attention to " individual archives
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April, be worth fastigium of college graduate obtain employment, a lot of graduate pay close attention to an autograph to arrange matter only and negligence individual archives turns give. Human affairs archives is the main component of human relations, be by no means dispensable bagatelle, every graduate should give enough attention.

Archives of student ways of the world is the true record of ability of special skill of moral character of student individual thought, record of formal schooling, business, job and level of management, unit of choose and employ persons can know this unripe fundamental condition systematically through archives of student ways of the world. In recent years, because know inadequacy to archives importance, some graduate turn to what record ignores completely after working unit give, appeared sometimes because archives is cast by accident, leakage is sent and did not convey well and truly, in time, happen even lose wait for a phenomenon. And him graduate fails to discover in time however, when a certain number of need is dealt with after year rate, when carrying duty, raises, attune to use the procedure such as working unit, the record that just discovers oneself does not know whereaboutldirection. What archives loses is sequential, in show possibly at ordinary times do not come out, and once face obtain employment, enter a higher school, job,bring into play, deal with all sorts of insurance, retire ahead of schedule when waiting for formalities, will cause very big trouble to the individual. “ rational says not clear ” , the precedent that becomes “ black ” even already had a lot of. When graduate obtain employment, must pay close attention to the whereaboutldirection of individual archives, accomplish “ archives to walk along ” of ” , an organic whole of “ person archives along with the person. Of archives of graduate human affairs turn giving an order is: Graduate reception after the unit issues the letter that move archives, graduate school issue send sheet, archives basis sends sheet to check graduate full name, send an unit, undertake be registeringed in detail, fill in “ turns give ” of requisition of material of human affairs archives, next room of confidential of school of deliver of will graduate archives, and by receive a person to sign, send through confidential bureau person specially assigned for a task finally take, archives forbids to mail commonly or hand in oneself to be taken oneself. After receiving an unit to obtain human affairs record of the student, should send receipt sheet in time turn archives unit. Come here, of an archives turn give ability to calculate final end. It is a perfect circular catenary, a system that close. So opposite for, human affairs archives turns giving is safer, lose not easily. Archives turns give having close relationship with graduate individual, to avoid file missing, graduate should notice the following: It is in you when graduation allocation, enter a higher school, obtain employment, want to understand the whereaboutldirection of own archives in time, accomplish “ archives to walk along ” along with the person. Once discover your archives whereaboutldirection is unidentified when, want track down by following clues to be searched instantly. Because human affairs archives turns,each link that give has those who admit a person to sign, won't lose commonly inside short time. 2 it is archives turns giving is after filling unit name and address sealed, send toward unit of specific choose and employ persons through confidential bureau. Accordingly unit name and address fill in accurate, immediate impact turns to archives material sex of the accuracy that give, effectiveness for a given period of time. This asks every student is in when signing agreement, should remind unit of choose and employ persons the full name the unit (do not want abbreviation) , detailed address, subordinating relation, zip code and connection phone it is clear to fill in, so that accurate turn give record. 3 it is archives of solely invested enterprise, unmanned thing the unit such as the joint ventures of custodial attributive, company, should mention expressly archives is deposited, hang the superior that lean to be in charge of a branch, or the human affairs bureau of seat and talent communication center, so that archives deliver arrives relevant unit. Still need to remind broad graduate is, after graduate reports for duty to working unit, should go in time whether does the archives that human affairs branch inquires him convey. After archives sends two months, graduate can enquire. If archives did not arrive, graduate can inquire to archives of school human affairs; What if discover archives is medium,lack data is OK inquire to general Party branch of each courtyard, department, place. What graduate needs special attention is, archives did not arrive, must inquire in a year of less than, otherwise Beijing confidential bureau will provide inquiry service no longer, archives of school human affairs also will be willing to help but unable to do so.
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