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Unemployed undergraduate learn on job still can receive subsidy freely
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This policy is carried out since September 1, will execute the law henceforth sectional station is first consideration university is graduate

Report from our correspondent (reporter Jin Rong) the our city has 100 thousand undergraduate to want to apply for a job this year, after September 1, unemployed undergraduate can receive life subsidy and to a certain unit free learn on job grooms. Municipal government general office allotted yesterday " about cogent the announcement that has made work of obtain employment of graduate of common colleges and universities " , published new measure of series graduate obtain employment.

Municipal government expresses, should guide actively state-owned enterprise or business the unit basically faces average college graduate to complement its add a staff member newly. Should use the burgeoning work station such as service of urban community government, hi-tech to induct obtain employment of average college graduate. Various mechanism especially the strength that class mechanism increases county, countryside to take an examination of collection officeholder from inside average college graduate, in the meantime, wu of basic level public security, judicatory, industrial and commercial, duty, qualitative inspect execute the law the branch increases staff newly, answer to take an examination of rehearsal to use from inside average college graduate above all.

Encourage college graduate to arrive obtain employment of unit of blame state ownership. According to the announcement, in the average college graduate that be not obtain employment of state ownership unit and attended primary endowment insurance, will take an examination of collection or invite applications for a job to work to national office, institution henceforth, fixed number of year of its pay expenses is amalgamative computational length of service.

Obtain employment of 100 thousand undergraduate, inevitable somebody is unemployed, the unemployed college graduate after September 1 can undertake free learn on job grooms. According to the announcement, between novitiate of this kind of undergraduate, department of unit of learn on job and local finance should offer basic extra allowance for living expanses according to concerned regulation. It is reported, unemployed undergraduate should obtain this to groom, must want to return ancestral home and without obtain employment, still need to ensure a branch to undertake unemployment is registered to labor. Municipal government requirement, want an average college graduate that returns ancestral home to regard assessment as the main index of gain of job of leading group of government of people of each area county with respect to job job, ensure in the average college that makes when annual bottom 60% above return ancestral home to register unemployment graduate can realize obtain employment.