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State of mind of undergraduate choose course of study reachs his to adjust
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(One) the expression of state of mind of undergraduate choose course of study

1. utility psychology.

Psychology of this kind of to apply for a job often can see on the undergraduate that has gotten higher education or other intellectual body. The motive of their to apply for a job or choose course of study already the promising country, strong desire that makes contribution for society, humanness civilian, also those who get good-paying, tall place is long for. A lot of college undergraduate studentses, Master unripe, doctoral student emerges to the special economic zone, emerge to 3 endowment enterprise, perhaps start the company of an organic whole of division of run by the local people, labour, trade, often stem from this kind of psychology. Be opposite recently in concerned branch Beijing college in the investigation of many 2000 student, OK and apparent ground sees trend of industry of this kind of choose. Should ask about “ when how you see ” to life value, the value that selects “ person depends on contribution already, also depend on obtaining the result of utilitarian ” , it is 70.1 % , 69 % , 72.3 % , 74.3 % respectively to 4 grade student; Should ask about “ when you go after ” of what kind of life, choice “ is gone after already make contribution for the society, also seek the solution of the happy ” that the individual lives, part to be mixed for 92.4 % , 92.9 % , 94.1 % to 4 grade student 90.3 % ; Should ask about “ your life philosophy is what ” when, the answer of the choice “ much contribution, much ” that get benefit, it is 80.3 % respectively to 4 grade student, 78.2% , 80.6 % , 84.4 % ; When should asking the standard that “ your choice works is what sort ” , the undergraduate is good “ work requirement, be helpful for developing ability ” platoon to be in the first, be in platoon of tall ” of “ economy income the 2nd, be in platoon of tall ” of “ social class the 3rd. From inside these investigation results, we can see undergraduates clearly the utilitarian psychology when course of study of choose of to apply for a job. Especially the inspiration that the influence of tide of the intellectual's poor, society and campus are in business, caused the psychology that tall economy income seeks in choose course of study.

2. safe psychology.

Alleged and safe psychology points to the company unit that some people often set out from occupational stability and chooses system of ownership of those the whole people when choosing a profession namely. This kind of psychology often is encountered on body of the person that suffer traditional culture to affect bigger to apply for a job. For example the undergraduate of family background of family of a lot of cadres, intellectual often chooses unit of college, scientific research, think these places although income is not high, but safe stability; The undergraduate of family background of family of a few workers often chooses state-operated big, medium-sized company, also be the consideration that stems from safe stability. In addition, people returns discovery to cherish safe psychology to come in the crowd of course of study of choose of to apply for a job, of parent exceed one's duties and meddle in others' affairs be in the majority. The parent of an undergraduate says: I do not beg “ the child goes stick one's chin out makes big money, want to help him seek a steady job only, what finish husband grows is anxious. This kind of parent is not in ” a few.
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