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The plan enrols 20 thousand undergraduates again this year " 3 are helped up "
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By human affairs ministry the “ of leading organization helps ” up 3 times (religion, support agriculture, cure and help deficient up) the job, left 2006 the bureau is good, share 23520 undergraduates to serve to rural basic level, plan the 20 thousand person that recruit formerly more than.

Development of flow of talent of human affairs ministry manages offerred data shows, in these undergraduates, pay taught 10381 people, the 8077 people of support agriculture, pay the 2811 people of cure, help the 2251 people of deficient; Scale of male and female is occupied each almost 50% ; Have undergraduate course and above record of formal schooling and the student that have record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning to be occupied each 50% .

To drive “ 3 help ” up to plan to be carried out smoothly, each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government implements policy of central concerned department seriously, some places still combine this locality actual, enact the measure that has local distinguishing feature. The undergraduate that if Heilongjiang is right,country of volunteer take root works, one-time give settle down expend 20 thousand yuan; Shanghai gives “ 3 help ” undergraduate up everybody lives 1790 yuan every months daily allowance, and one-time government stake, it is 7000 yuan the first year, it is 12000 yuan the 2nd year, it is 18800 yuan the 3rd year.

Chen Cungen of undersecretary of human affairs ministry says, executive “ helps ” up 3 times to planned to promote the health of young talent to grow, accelerated the construction of socialistic new rural area, widened the college graduates channel of unripe obtain employment.

To the job 2007, development of flow of talent of human affairs ministry manages concerned controller expresses, will continue to recruit the undergraduate that 20 thousand “ help ” up 3 times; Continue to talk things over with door of Ministry of finance, solve funds to guarantee an issue; Research puts forward to carry out graduate to serve basic level as a whole program of work of of all kinds plan; The “ that expires to served 2008 helps ” undergraduate obtain employment up 3 times to serve plan countermeasure to wait.