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Obtain employment of graduate of next year college works 6 act
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Act 1: Perfect fulfil obtain employment of stimulative college graduate each policy

Accelerate build city county two class graduate coordinates an orgnaization with respect to industry leader, advance each policy development to fulfil. Provide service of news of obtain employment post and vocational guidance service actively for college graduate, graduate to the college in order to be engaged in short-term profession, individual manage wait for means of flexible obtain employment, in census register management, society the respect such as insurance pay and continue provides policy help. Encourage each district, each college actively to make more favourable policy, strengthen pair of policy to fulfil superintend.

   Act 2: Increase obtain employment in the round direct service level, foster market system

Should raise graduate to obtain employment coachs and serve a system to change hard, specialization, whole journey is changed, informatization level, aggrandizement graduate serves the public service function of the orgnaization with respect to guidance of course of study, develop its adequately commonweal sex and advocate channel action. The college should strengthen obtain employment to coach course is built, coach obtain employment the class includes obligatory course or choose a course surely, develop teaching material of obtain employment poineering guidance actively, stimulative obtain employment coachs course is built, implementation of team of tutor of stimulative obtain employment specializations and professionalism. Achieve the primary election on the long-range interview of countrywide limits and net, accelerate build alliance of the first line of a couplet on a scroll of net of countrywide undergraduate obtain employment.

   Act 3: Encourage, undergraduate of support, assist does poineering work independently

The college should begin poineering guidance actively to serve. The college graduate that has poineering requirement to having poineering desire should give active support, offer in time do poineering work groom, start business is development of directive, project, small assure loan, dog give aid to wait for service of ” of “ one continuous line, continue to had been fulfilled the graduate that is engaged in individual service is avoided inside 3 years hand in register kind, run kind of policy that takes sex of kind of each administration career to collect fees with card, applying for, register, examine and approve wait for a respect to offer “ 3 preferential ” and service of ” of “ green passageway, increase pair of poineering models give aid to strength, encourage conditional place to execute derate duty to expend policy with graduate of flexible obtain employment to doing poineering work independently.

   Act 4: Deepen reform for oriented higher education with obtain employment

In education of college undergraduate course working level is evaluated, teacher and student of high post school is evaluated and independent college education is evaluated in, increase the weight of index of obtain employment state. Hold to and perfect rate of graduate obtain employment to announce a system, hold to plan of year recruit students and graduate obtain employment to lead measurable hard couple. High post school must transform managerial thought, it is a target in order to get used to enterprise and social demand, enhance professional skill of the student and obtain employment competition ability.
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